Buttons & Zippers
Buttons & Zippers
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Meet Little Mike and his cousin Joshua; they have engaged in a fierce race. One night, the little boys are getting ready to go to sleep when they decide to have a race to find out who can get into their pajamas quicker. Little Mike's pants and shirts both have buttons on them. Joshua's clothes have zippers. They decide to battle it out every night to see who will win. Off they go! Little Mike is quicker and finishes putting them on first. At the end, they both win, but little Mike wants to race again. They decide to go to the master in order to see if they can race again. Buttons & Zippers is a picture book for the beginner reader. I was inspired by my son to write this book. This story reflects the day-to-day life of many pre-K to second graders in their struggle to surpass their opponents.
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Franklin H. Perez's first short story was published in a New York City literary newspaper in 2009. The story, "The Adventures of the 3&5 Horned Rhino Beetles," was inspired by Perez's childhood. He constantly played with these beetles and dreamed that he was like them. He wanted to fly and be strong like them and have super human strength. According to Perez, he found his love of writing for children while growing up in Yag ate. "There, the sweet aroma of sugar cane wafted all over us, bringing a charm and a sense of delirium that we couldn't resist," said Perez. His childhood, his son, Sebastian and his many experiences inspire Perez to write from his imagination. Franklin has written 25 children's books. After earning a B.A. in Liberal Arts from City College (CUNY), he has had many odd jobs, including a school family para-professional, licensed real estate professional, driver and a licensed tour guide of New York City. Through these experiences, he became a jack of all trades. More importantly, these experiences enriched his life and inspired him to write more. Though he will always embrace his Yag atense side, he is a New Yorker at heart, and is currently living in Pennsylvania. If he's not working on his latest story, you can find him reading, learning a new language, exploring a new travel destination, watching a television series or imagining flying like his rhino beetles!


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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