My Life
My Life
In the Mirror of Time
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Reminiscing the events from many decades ago and putting them into words, structuring to reflect the chronology and nuances of human interactions, especially between parents and children who share many facets of their lives together, was the easiest part of this endeavor. The difficult part was to walk the very fine line of respecting the diversity of opinions within the family members relevant to each event or issue and to avoid being judgmental or biased.
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Dr. Hormoz Mansouri has been in the practice of General and Vascular surgery in New York since 1972. He was born in Iran, to a family highly dedicated to education and culture. Dr. Mansouri started writing poetry and short stories as a child. He immigrated to the United States in 1966. Over the past fifty years, he has contributed numerous articles, in Persian (Farsi) and English, to Persian magazines published in the United States. In 1998 he published a collection of his poems in Farsi. (Sham-e-Del) He has also published many articles on Astronomy and Cosmology, an area of his intense interest since childhood. In addition to his literary interests, Dr. Mansouri writes, composes and plays Persian music. He is an avid reader and enjoys discussing social and cultural issues. He has long been a guest speaker in Iranian cultural societies. Dr. Mansouri lives with his wife of forty nine years, Vida, on Long Island, New York. Their three grown children practice in the fields of Finance, Law and Medicine.


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