The ABC Character Builder
The ABC Character Builder
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The ABC Character Builder was written by Ollie Marshall. The ABC Character Builder is an educational picture book written to inspire the young reader. The author, Ollie Marshall, thinks there is a void in children's character-building books. And in this work, she helps fill the need for positive material that contributes to self-esteem. The letters of the alphabet are accompanied by ideas that will both instill learning and provoke thought. Y is for yarn, a string of many colors. Y is for youth, who looks for guidance. Y is for you, who looks for light. The ABC Character Builder visually depicts the alphabet through artful illustrations that serve to reinforce the concept of each letter. With the enjoyment of her son, Damon's illustrations, in 1987, Ollie Marshall wrote the original version with warmth and a truthful simplicity that appears to appeal to the young reader. Parents have and will enjoy this book for its educational benefits and the quality of its content. It was illustrated by Frank Scicchitano.
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A retired public educator, currently resides in Orange, New Jersey, from Union Chapel Community of Springfield, Arkansas. Ollie has published several other books: Fire in My Bones, Commander-in-Chief and Sprouts of the Spirit.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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