Mathematics Finely Explained
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The book goes face to face with all the topics related to algebra in a high school setting. The author starts out from simple beginnings and painstakingly explains each and every nuance with humor, attention to detail, and a presentation of a succession of examples that are right on point. Consistent solutions done to these examples where completeness is the priority not brevity, adds to the atmosphere of learning and more importantly to the desire to master the themes of the subject.
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Rob Shutler graduated from Lachine High School and moved on to John Abbott College. Here he got his DEC in pure and applied science. His next academic stop was McGill University, where he received his BSc with a major in mathematics and a graduate diploma as a mathematics specialist from the faculty of education. He was a high school teacher in the picturesque town of Hudson and taught at Hudson High School. Through the years he has taught math to all the high school levels and also mixed in stints teaching English, phys-ed, computer science, and physics. Throughout his career he has coached football, touch football, basketball, rugby, wrestling, and field hockey. He has spent time as a referee in basketball and rugby and as an umpire in softball and minor league baseball. He served as student life coordinator at Beaconsfield High School. He presently lives in Hudson with the love of his life, Lesley Bobeldijk, and his dog Euclid. Yes, Euclid. The last dog was called Gauss, the one before that Pythagoras.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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