Sophie: A Bronx Tail
Sophie: A Bronx Tail
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Sophie: A Bronx Tail is about finding your place in the world. Sophie, an elephant at the Bronx Zoo, always wonders what's on the other side. One day, after hours, she decides to explore the zoo and ends up having an amazing adventure of self-discovery. As a mom and a teacher, I have experienced children's curiosity regarding what happens to the zoo animals when the zoo closes at night. As a child, I loved elephants and often wondered the same. The Wild Asia enclosure is one of my favorite spots at the Bronx Zoo. I took this opportunity to awaken children's curiosity about zoos, while emphasizing a lesson about being happy with oneself. Some fun-facts, in the Author's Note, are also included to pique children's interest in the Bronx Zoo and some of the animals encountered by Sophie while on her adventure. Reading to your child is a gift, and it is my hope that this book provides your child with this gift. A portion of the yearly profits from the sale of this book will be donated to the Wildlife Conservation Society.
Has your child ever asked you what happens when the zoo closes at night? Well, Sophie: A Bronx Tail, taps into that curiosity while teaching a lesson about belonging. Sophie, an elephant at the Bronx Zoo is bored in her natural enclosure, Wild Asia, and wondered what was on the other side. So, after the zoo closes, she decides to leave her enclosure for an adventure. Along the way she encounters some negative natives while exploring Madagascar. In the end, Sophie realizes that she only needs to look as far as the end of her trunk for an adventure!
When not teaching or running, AD Santiago can be found enjoying funny moments with her two daughters, Sofia and Sonia, and her love, Carlos. She enjoys competing in athletic events and cooking and baking delicious and nutritious foods for her family.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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