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After several years of biblical study, I concluded that the truth, the Word of God, was essential and that no other religion is with that mode. After a tentative beginning in 1987, it is a ready-for-the-world, mature religion now. The religion is mercifully short, borrowing key components from the Old and New Testaments. It presents what I consider the best of Jesus, but I am fully aware that much more could have been included in the category of best. Short of breaking down all of Jesus's sayings, I opted for what I considered the most important for daily life. I'm sure some readers will find glaring omissions. The Sermon on the Mount speaks of being blessed, as most Bibles state. I prefer being happy or having happiness, as substituted in The Jerusalem Bible. When I speak of being happy, what comes to mind are components that did not exist during the time Jesus lived: many genres of music and the wide availability of marijuana. Jesus said to visit the sick and the imprisoned. I hope to make this life better by even allowing alcohol and several for those incarcerated. I am an optimist (see Ecclesiastes 3:1–8). Jesus never charged a penny for teaching. The God of Daniel is God the Father. 1) Jesus, 2) Beatitudes, 3) marijuana, and 4) time and a season to every purpose under the heaven.
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I am a former Council Bluffs judge. I studied abortion law beginning in 1969 on the Creighton Law Review. While Roe V. Wade ostensibly settled the abortion controversy, it was such a crazily analyzed decision that I felt compelled to master it. Success in 1983 led to severe depression, leaving no respect for the US Supreme Court. I decided to find out the truth about religions. After reading three Bibles within three months, I immediately dropped out of Catholicism as I was sure it was a corrupt religion. The Jehovah's Witness left a volume entitled Aid to Bible Understanding on my doorstep. It was an alphabetical discussion of many biblical topics. I found it 90 percent complete (I would have liked a presentation or the other 10 percent) and never an error on citation. By 1987, I had the beginnings of a religion: 1) In truth to be acceptable to God 2) "If one is truly a man of God, he'll be able to identify and expose false religion to the government." These principles were gleaned from David 13 and 14, found only in Catholic and Mormon Bibles.


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