A Case for Christianity
A Case for Christianity
Establishing a Foundation for Faith
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Becoming a Christian is easy, in the sense that there is no application to be completed, no rigorous training program, no requirement to matriculate through a series of classes, or any certifications to obtain. However, in the simplicity of becoming a Christian we often fail to understand some of the basics. The believer's basic tool, guide for living, is the Bible; the Word of God. It is the foundation of our faith and therefore we should understand: how it was written, the spiritual personalities it speaks of, what kind of life it calls us to, and the confidence we can have in a commitment to live according to its precepts. We will attempt to make A Case for Christianity; that is, to present evidence that will hopefully affirm our belief and strengthen our faith as Christians.
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Dr. Golson is founder and senior pastor of True Light Baptist Church in Denver Colorado. He received his Doctor of Ministry from Denver Seminary. He has a heart for preaching and teaching and has committed his life and ministry to making the Word of God relevant in the everyday lives of his hearers. He is the author of several books: On the Matter of Relationships, Adjusting Your Copy Quality: Becoming Who the Word Says You Are, Good Advice From A Player; Facing Giants: Don't Let Giants Cause You A Faith Failure, and A Guide to Practical Living; through which lives have been changed, relationships repaired, immoral relationships set on good spiritual foundations, and people saved.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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