Inexplicable Boundaries of Love
Inexplicable Boundaries of Love
A journey down the path of the heart, transcribed in poetry.
Casebound Hardcover
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I want you to take a journey with me to a time and place where nothing in the world matters except that moment, that exquisite instant, that is in front of you. The one that enables one's being to become enveloped into a world only existent in the heart of someone that is deeply upon the throws of passion and love. Take my hand and let me guide you to a memory, so you may recollect that time in your own life, when only the other person mattered. Step off with your left foot, and join me while I lead the way.
Trials and Tribulations of Desire Trial and tribulations day to day are abound, constricting upon us round and round Fun, laughter, joy, is there – funneling down as if from thin air Commonality, truth, pure reality it is – bubbling up like soda fizz One day, one step, from nature it comes – not even known about by some Actuality, existence, fact – it lays on each moment a bit of tact How does it happen, and we keep asking when? Playful, peaceful, solemnly it grows, go figure, still no one knows The brightness is there, as the sun shines through her hair Doubt, fear, joyful thoughts, and dreams – fruition will it ever be as it seems? Contemplate and believe, strive to see what has become, something may be had but only for some Those that feel, and know what is right, one day – for that they resolve to fight In depth they go and eventually realize – it is and can be what they found in their eyes Truth, soulful existence and realization must take place – if ever reality they shall face Inexplicable has it been found to be – the wonderful gift of her to me Entering a life so stagnant and bleak – when a shield melted and he first heard her speak Inside the mind of a genius – even a lost thought or feeling is meaningless So speak and communicate their thoughts they have done – While their eyes shown bright as the sun Gleaming each minute and hour whilst time goes by –endless it is and open -there future is a sky Of wonder and peace, contentment and solace, maybe one day they shall say a promise Forever connected and protected are they, hearts and minds together - a friendship that's surely here to stay.
W.T. Richardson is very connected to his emotional being. He has met many people in life, and at times, has become numb to the world around him. He was inspired to compile this manuscript from his notations about a certain someone that taught him what it felt like to be alive, all over again. Over his lifetime, he has encountered these special people that have managed to make him give a piece of himself away, an inner piece. He has loved and lost more than once. He has no regrets. He has written this manuscript to share his love for this unique, angelic flower of a woman with the world.


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