Sweet Dreams Sissa
Sweet Dreams Sissa
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Children will enjoy reading about Sissa, a little girl who embarks on an adventure after an alien spaceship lands one night in her backyard. At first, Sissa believes she may have just had an elaborate dream, but when she finds an alien in her bedroom the next day, she realizes the spaceship encounter was real! Sissa experiences an exciting adventure with her new alien friend, which includes the chance to fly an alien spaceship and enjoy the view of her neighborhood from above.
It was late at night, but Sissa was still awake reading a book. “I guess I should stop reading and go to sleep. It’s ten o’clock,” she thought. “It’s well past my bedtime.” Sissa leaned over to turn off the lamp on her nightstand when she noticed a bright light coming from outside of her bedroom window. She got out of bed and looked out the window and into her backyard. The light appeared to be moving quickly towards her. Then the light stopped, suspended in the air, and hovered above the grass in the backyard. Sissa could now look more closely at the lit object in her backyard. It appeared to be a space ship. It was round, shiny, and covered with bright white lights. As the space ship hovered above the ground it spun very quickly and then landed smoothly in the grass. She was mesmerized by the space ship and continued to watch it while she waited to see what might happen next.
Ann M. Allen is a US army veteran and spouse. During her army service, she worked as an aviation and military intelligence officer and flew both helicopters and airplanes. She is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Since childhood, she has enjoyed a love of books, aviation, and adventure. Ann lives with her husband, Regan, and their daughter, Megan Grace.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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