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Sephro, a magical planet, guided by powerful Deities. Earth, beautiful, enduring, surviving. Two planets. Craela, a young Sephron teenager, is tormented by an event from her past that haunts her dreams. Yet she is determined to overcome this trauma and prove to herself that she does have the strength to move on. Unbeknownst to all but a few, Craela is taking soultravelling journeys at night to meet Cryss, a teenager from Earth. Their connection heals Craela more than she dreamed was possible. Cryss, too, is healed by Craela's powerful love...
EARTH Cooney’s Coffee, year: 2008 Cryss sat at the coffee bar stuffing a pastry into his mouth…his third one. He felt full and sick. He didn’t care, though. His parents were back at the house talking intensely about what his mother had said the night before, and Epona was in the coffee house with Cryss, working behind the counter. She was trying to give Crystonian and Aera space. Whatever….Cryss didn’t want to be there. He knew he should visit Craela, but something held him back. He decided instead to meet his friend Lugh, Epona’s son. He’d been neglecting him as it were. Thank the Goddess Epona was so forthright, and Lugh not only knew all about Sephro, but believed and wanted to help them. It freaked him out….but he didn’t want to be left out of the action. He would be going to Sephro with the rest of them. Cryss vaguely wondered how they were going to get there. Teleportation? Would a Sephron come over and take them that way? That’s what he figured, but he’d ask Craela later. If I ever see her again after last night….. “Hey there,” said a voice behind him. Cryss nearly spilled his latte as he turned around and faced his best friend since he was a child. “Lugh, don’t scare me like that!” he said sharply. “This latte’s expensive.” “Ah, you can afford it,” Lugh said winking and grinning. Cryss made a teasing motion as if to throw the latte at him. “Yeh….I suppose I can,” he said reflectively. “It’s the one good thing around here. We never really hurt for money. Me Da’s herb business and all. Basil and rosemary are really selling well these days.” “True,” said Lugh, pulling up a chair. “So, what’s up, bro?” “Well,” said Cryss, “Um….I don’t know where to begin.” “Mam told me what your mam said last night,” Lugh said quietly and sympathetically, “About how she would be staying here while your da goes and all….” His voice trailed off. He didn’t want to mention Sephro in a public place. Cryss looked ahead, then shook his head and pounded his fist on the table, spilling more of his latte. "I can't believe her!” he shouted. People turned around and looked at him. He cringed. “Um….can we go someplace else?” he said to Lugh. “Got the car, got a full tank of gas. We can go to the woods where it’s private.” “Good. Wicked. Let’s do it.” Cryss stepped down from the stool, with a nod to Epona. The two young men left the coffee shop. They walked in the bright sunshine toward Lugh’s car, a beat up old Opel, made in perhaps 2000. Cryss smirked at Lugh, and Lugh just grinned. Cryss knew Lugh loved his little car. They got in, Lugh started the engine, and they drove away. “Lugh, your driving is horrible as usual, bro!” Cryss said. “Why don’t you let ME have the wheel?” Lugh swerved from one side of the road to the other, laughing as he did so. “What, in the state you’re in? I’d rather let a drunk drive this car,” Lugh said. “You sure you’re not drunk?” “I never drink that stuff. Yech. Gives me a headache!” “You’re lucky,” Cryss said softly. A year ago, he’d had a bad experience with drinking, and since sworn off of it. It had nearly cost him and someone else their lives. He thought of his father, a recovering drug addict, who had, because of this, had to give up drinking as well. He went to the 12-step meetings, the whole shebang, but Cryss was frightened for him now. All this stress with his mother….and Sephro and this huge life change, Cryss desperately hoped his father wouldn’t relapse. Not that he had any reason to think he would. Crystonian had never been drunk in front of his son. But Cryss knew what drunk looked like, having gone to some parties in his young life. One girl’s mam was such an alcoholic, she downed a whole bottle of wine, then ended up screaming about the house burning down, even though nothing of the sort had been happening. His father had been looking pretty shaken up lately….all this Sephro stuff on his shoulders, and Mam…. “Hey,” said Lugh seriously, slowing down the car. “You don’t think your Da….” “Stop reading my thoughts, Lugh!” Cryss snapped, but he grinned at his friend to take the sting out of his words. “No, seriously, I don’t even want to think that far. I’ll kick his arse if I catch him drinking, or worse, smoking crack. He better stay clean….this whole thing depends on everyone being cool.” “You couldn't be more right,” Lugh said, pulling into a secluded spot in the woods where they often went when they wanted to get away from it all. Lugh shuddered, and gripped the wheel for a moment. “Cryss this is freakin' weird, man!” “I know,” Cryss said putting a hand on his shoulder. “I know.” “What the--I mean, they wanna start a new planet, man!” Lugh cried, pushing his fingers through his afro as he spoke. “Jondu….jeezus criminy! What kinda psycho IS this Jondu?!” He sighed, and pounded his fist on the steering wheel. “Ugh. I’m sorry, Cryss, I’m here to listen to you, not start buggin' out all over the place.” “S’ok,” said Cryss feeling kind of empty inside. He wanted to talk to Lugh, yet another part of him wanted to go home and be alone. Now was not the time to shut people out, though. His mam was doing a good enough job of that. “Look….I know Mam’s hurting,” Cryss said in a tight voice. “Lorianna and all that…they were real close at one point. Lor had supposedly looked up to Mam. But she was just faking the whole bloody thing.” He sighed, pushing his hands through his hair. “But Jeezus Christ, Lugh! She’s shutting me out, shutting Da out, wanting to stay here while we go to Sephro….” “I know,” Lugh said, putting an arm around his shoulders. “I know, man.” “Lugh--don’t be so physical, willya?” The words were out of his mouth before Cryss could stop them. Lugh pulled back and stared at him, hurt crossing his face. Cryss quickly tried to remedy his mistake. “No, Lugh, I’m sorry. Don’t get upset. Just--I'm freaked out and I don’t know what I’m sayin', ok? Ok?”
DRUANA KERRIDWEN: Born on February 28th, Druana Kerridwen had always been fascinated by fantasy and science fiction. She has written stories since she was six years old. Writing has always been a part of her, as has music. A singer and composer, Kerridwen has had the opera version of “Sephro: The Connection,” or “Sephro,” as it was marketed, performed with the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, 2010. She went by the name Kate Quinn then. She considers herself blessed, and hopes she can continue to grow in the way she is meant to. She lives in Philadelphia, PA. with her husband John and six beautiful cats.


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