BASIC Relationship and Leadership Strategies
BASIC Relationship and Leadership Strategies
Commonsense Ideas on How to Get Along Better with the Important People in Your Life
Perfect Bound Softcover
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“This book is an accurate synthesis of a treasure chest of scholarly work. It is written in an honest and conversational style. It is the product of significant insight. Paul Heacock is, indeed, a town father who will raise global well-being.” —Maria Hunt, PhD Professor of Psychology, Avila University

“Paul has a great memory for humorous anecdotes...they bring home the points.”—Paula Kay, W. Kay and Associates

“Very well written and extremely easy to understand and implement. To me, this is the BASIC training for life skills and reminds me in many ways of my experience in military basic training.  If we wanted to survive basic, all of the trainees in my flight had to work together or suffer the consequences, meaning we had to put our differences aside and make it work”.—Danny Walker, Chief Master Sergeant (retired), Air National Guard

“I enjoyed reading this book. It reminded me of concepts I had forgotten and I also learned some new things. I really liked the examples and good use of humor and anecdotes.”—Jim Temme, Author, Trainer, Speaker and Consultant

“It was a pleasure reading BASIC Leadership and Relationship Strategies and giving thought to the excellent content. The examples and stories really add clarity and color to the material.”—Dave Wine, President and CEO MutualAid eXchange

“This labor of love is very thought provoking and right on point. An excellent job capturing the core of leadership development.”—Bob Gibson, President and CEO (retired), Medical Protective

"This is a great summary of Paul's life, what he has learned, how he actually lives. Indeed, it's a great reflection on a life well lived. A good guide for all.”—Cary Phillips, President and Founder, CP1 Consulting, LCC

“Enjoy the read. If you’re young, applying these concepts can immediately better your life and relationships. If you are in the middle of your working life, application of these ideas will make the remainder of your career and relationships more fulfilling. Even if you’re “mature” like Paul and me, applying these great ideas to your relationships will significantly enhance the “golden years”.—Dale Hotze, Managing Director, AFM International

The BASIC Acronym

One day while I was on my daily walk, listening to my audiotapes, I began to think of an acronym to represent these common concepts. Over the next few months, I came up with the acronym of BASIC, composed of the following:

  • B (there are two Bs)—understanding behavior and keeping a balance in our personal and professional lives.
  • A is for begin each circumstance anew.
  • S means be situational.
  • I stands for watch the I.
  • C (there are three Cs)—improve communication, handle people with care, and use your common sense.

The “C” building blocks represent the need for a solid foundation based on the three Cs: communication, care, and common sense. The “B” blocks illustrate the primary need to understand some high-level truths about human behavior and the absolute significance of having a proper balance in our lives. The “A”, “S” and “I” blocks are where flexibility is needed when applying the BASIC strategies by assessing each circumstance anew, being situational, and staying properly mindful of our own abilities and shortcomings by watching the I.

The ultimate value of the BASIC strategy revolves around how we use this knowledge in a given situation. If we know all the theory but are unable to apply it at the right time—so what! We must keep these commonsense tools prominent in our thought process. Ideally, the BASIC acronym will help keep these strategies in the forefront of your mind. This book presents a BASIC approach to improved success in our professional and personal lives, specifically in our roles as leader, partner, or parent. These are some common thoughts of a common man based on proven leadership and relationship theories tempered with some common sense.

An Important Personal Disclaimer

Many times I have listened to a speaker, or especially a politician, and wondered, is that person real? Are they really that good? Can their life be that perfect? Experience has taught me that we are all human, and we all make mistakes and fail at times. As my friend Cary Phillips often says, “Life is hard, get a helmet.”

One very important disclaimer. I want to make it very clear that I do not consider myself to be the perfect leader, partner, or parent! There are many people in my life who could tell you stories of me failing in each of my roles. I could make a long list of messes I’ve made, of people I have unintentionally hurt. However, what I do know is that when I remember and use the concepts discussed in this book, I am much better—a much better leader, a much better partner, a much better parent, and yes, even a much better grandparent.



Paul Heacock lives with his wife, Janis, in Overland Park, Kansas. He retired from full-time work on January 1, 2014, and now offers keynote presentations and facilitates training on financial literacy as well as BASIC leadership and relationship strategies.


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