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God is Light, a rainbow of colors affecting our lives whether we acknowledge Him or not. Welcome to a no frills, no holds barred introduction into a personal journey and the role God plays in my life and yours. He is no respecter of persons and has a training program for all who are interested in taking His course of Life 101.
All life has purpose and His purpose for us is to get to know Him and how He views life. Self-condemnation and fear of trying are two major challenges which confront all people. The first and primary challenge is accepting and knowing you have a spiritual Father who loves and supports you.
One cannot ace anything in life if they don’t know and understand the guidelines of the topic. God’s topic is YOU. Taking you from where you are to where He designed for you to be. Everything you are or will ever be is already inside of you. It’s called ‘potential’.
For anyone who wants to be their self, if you need and seek hope, anyone with no sense of direction, to all the gamers, or those with a competitive spirit … this book is for you.
GOD’S ATTITUDE IS TEAM WORK ALWAYS HELPS THE DREAM TO WORK All visions need a plan of action. An action plan provides a sense of direction, organization AND destination. Well organized plans help lead to better operational flow. So plan your work, and then work your plan. If you fail to plan you are planning to fail. God made you the head and not the tail of your vision. As CEOs and Executives, we are co-workers in God’s service and He gave us stewardship over His creations. By paying attention to and following whatever God says, you will always be at the top, even if conditions look otherwise. BALANCE Balancing is making everything work together for your good. This includes challenges. Challenges are life’s rubber bands. After you are stretched, you never return to the same shape. It becomes difficult to settle for less after you have received the best. A helpful reminder concerning balance is whatever is done in excess will lead to unbalance. Moderation is the key to balance. Planning, organizing, time and money management will aid with keeping you in self- control and peace of mind. DETERMINATION Determination is the tenacity and drive to accomplish any task at hand. Determination is the backbone of perseverance. Planning is the winning hand. Plan and stand tall. Nothing happens unless you PUSH. Pray Until Something Happens and make an effort. It’s the climb that takes you from the valley of hopelessness to the mountaintop of promise. It’s the climb of keeping God and his promises before you and not looking back. It’s the climb! Man, Keeper of the Gate, Beacon of Light My brothers, the time has come for us to unite on God’s Word. Nothing can separate us from God’s love except ourselves. It honored God to create us. He’s looking for us to honor Him; pray to Him; lean on Him; fight for Him; and be glorified through Him by HIS TRUTH: JESUS. We are to serve and protect TRUTH. We are transformed from boys to men; and males to fathers by accepting, receiving and applying this stand. Women Birthing the Vision Within Sisters it’s time to treat yourself to the gateway of your heart’s delight by delighting yourself in the LORD, so he can give you the desires of your heart. Anyone here who wants to receive the desires of their heart raise … your … hand … and shout … HALLEUJAH! Yes, ladies stand up … and shake off the shame! Shake it off! Shake it off! Shake it off! You are God’s beloved and He proclaims: by pampering the inner you through self-discovery, it will enable you to explore and apply giving life to your vision, dreams and ideas by birthing the inner you. Love the uniqueness of your beauty. Be true to yourself; take courage and journey to places beyond your wildest imagination through vision. Let’s take a few minutes to brainstorm and write down all the visions, dreams and ideas you wanted to be a reality in your life. Start with childhood and work your way forward. You’ll be surprised at what unfolds. It’s show time to get ready, get ready for what eyes have not seen, nor ears heard, neither has it entered into your heart the things which God has prepared for those who love to fulfill their vision, dreams and ideas! Vision is a personal relationship with an idea, dream or vision God has given to you. He gave it to you because He knows you can accomplish it. Accomplish it no matter what state or condition you may find yourself in! Everything you need is already within yourself. Believe it and receive it! Step into the amazing grace of a Father who loves you dearly and has faith in you. So trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. If you acknowledge Him in all your ways, He will direct your path. You see, ladies you are very special in God’s eyes… So special that He entrusted you to stand on faith by carrying and nurturing any life deposited within you. This includes visions, dreams and ideas. Do not remain blind any longer; see yourself as He sees you: A Proverbs 31 Woman! Check out the potential we have within. Some of it may be dormant, however, we have the capability of bringing it to life if we trust God and work with him. The sky is the limit.
Ayanna Kofi is an African American mother of two sons and four grandchildren. She is an ordinary person who was raised in the ‘ghetto’, encountered racism and is learning her spiritual and natural heritage. Early childhood questions and experiences impressed upon her a desire to seek a relationship with God. Her spiritual journey has led her through paths of external search of purpose, only to discover purpose was within herself and had been placed there by God.
Acceptance of Jesus as her Lord and Savior gave rise to another level of awareness: God is love and He loves us. God serves us every moment of our life and communicates. We are His children and He desires for us to know, understand and live life from His perspective. She heard His voice, learned to listen and followed His revelations by faith, which lead to writing this book. This book contains biblical content and life experiences expressed in a plethora of inspirational literary works: skits, short stories, cartoons, poetry, study guides and so on. It’s an invitation to live rather than exist. Ms. Kofi is discovering there is greater joy in designing one’s life than settling for ‘come what may’.


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