A Mother’s Voice
A Mother’s Voice
Perfect Bound Softcover
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A Mother’s Voice pours out words spoken by mothers and distills them into tiny drops of priceless moments where one can hear the humorous words of children as they interact with Mom, or the prayers of a mother as she seeks for the hopes she has for her children to be met, or sometimes one can hear a mother whisper to one’s heart when she is no longer there and causes one to question, “Do I really sound like my mother?”

There’s a lizard in my laundry,

I really shouldn’t mind.

I have some very busy boys

Who are excited for the find.

They want to keep him as a pet,

To feed and show him care,

And when Mom says, “He must go free.”

It causes some despair.

When my first born was a baby,

I thought she’d never crawl,

And now my youngest child

Is drawing on the wall.

I want my house to be quite neat,

Where everything has a place…

But with so many projects

To accomplish this makes me race.

I still have time to hold them close,

And teach each one tenderly,

But one day, like their lizard

I too must set them free.

Lisa spent her employed years teaching young children. When she and her husband, Milt, became parents, she gave up her paying occupation and became a full-time mother. As a mother of seven children, she is grateful for her husband, who works hard so she can keep her favorite job.


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