Pictures Never Taken
Pictures Never Taken
A Collection of Poetry and Thought
Perfect Bound Softcover
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“Pictures Never Taken” is the first book that Gray has decided to share with the public and it is her sincere hope that anyone who can relate to; joy, despair, love or a broken heart, feelings of faith and devotion or a sense of complete abandonment, the frustration of family dysfunction, pride in ones heritage, the love of family or, the love of a pet and of nature can find something inside the pages of her book to which they can relate and from which receive a blessing. The author has been writing since childhood. The collection in this book is a small sampling of works spanning from 1974 to 2012.
Sea Cliffs for Me and You Crystal blue skies, Seagulls and butterflies; Green-blue foamy waves curled We have not one care in this world. There by the sea, don’t hurry. Listen to the sea's thundering furry. Crashing time after time, Upon rocks across the shoreline The fresh salty air clears out our minds. Watching a pod of Dolphins, your hand holds mine. There by the shore, bound no more Nothing to do, no one to answer to No hurry, no worry; Just me and you!
The author is a native of Texas. She moved to the California central coast as a child where she grew up. She attended Allen Hancock College where she earned an equivalency degree in Sociology and a scholarship to Chapman University. She went to work for the County in the Department of Social Services. She has two sons and five grandchildren. She now lives in the San Joaquin Valley of CA with her husband and two dogs. She is a faithful Catholic with a strong devotion to God. She has been writing since a child and still enjoys it. She has always written for family and friends. Now, this book contains a host of writings from all eras of her life.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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