Unfinished Lovestory
Unfinished Lovestory
Based on a True Story
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This true story is about one woman's journey of finding love, overcoming obstacles, and survival. In this book you will laugh and cry in the same chapter. You will find hope that there will be a brighter day no matter what the circumstances. And it will challenge you to find each chapter in your life and make each one memorable. Debra and her husband, Ryan, have gone through many things together, but throughout miscarriages, cancer survival and heartache they have managed to beat the odds and stand strong. Their journey together is unfinished, but read how their journey begins.
Tears run down my face as I realize I can't move and the soft glow of the recovery room lights beam into my eyes. All I want is him by my side telling me everything will be ok. I don't want to be here by myself..where is he? Before I can see him I feel the soft touch of his hand as he gently strokes the tears away from my face. "I love you." he says and I know he does. But the thought of why I'm lying there brings it all back to me again. I failed him. I know I did. Hot tears once again race down my face as they create a pool of sorrow on the recovery room pillow again. Where was God in all this. I begin to wonder if there is a God and why is he doing this to me? We all come to a time in our lives when we wonder "Why???" We doubt ourselves, we doubt our faith, and we doubt the reason why we were created. Do I believe in miracles anymore? And do miracles really exist? Once again I hear him whisper..."I love you." Does he really or does he just know that's what I need to hear. All I can think to say is "I'm sorry.
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