The Little Ant and the Apple Tree
The Little Ant and the Apple Tree
Saddle Stitch Softcover
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An amazing book for children and parents, the story is about a little ant that heard adults’ conversation and his adventure. During the story, children will learn on a child’s level how it’s important to be patient. And parents also get an important message. At the end of the story, there is an activity for children.
It was a nice fall time; the ants worked underground all day long. Then came the wise ant and said, “Tomorrow we are going to change our direction. I saw a field where there is a big apple tree. Apples grow on the tree, but some of the apples can be found on the ground.” There was a little ant, he was very inquisitive like all little’s. “How do apples get on the ground?” asked the little ant. The ants were so busy they continue to be engaged in their work and did not pay any attention to the little ant. The little ant waited for an answer, and then he screamed, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” as loud as he could. The ants still were engaged in their work. Screaming didn’t help.
1. Good writing skills, imagination, have working experience with children at day care by knowing the child’s emotional and social interest and etc. 2. I’m a student at Ontario College for Early Childhood Education. 3. I have a daughter, four and half years old. She was born in Calgary, Canada. Now she lives in Toronto.


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