Tear Drops
Tear Drops
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This is the story of a family and how they survived life’s perils. Chiwinke, the protagonist and the first son of Chimebele, was determined to succeed in life by bringing all his brothers to study and succeed in America in order to get his parents permanently out of poverty. Despite all the obstacles, calamities, trials, and tribulations that befell him in life, he kept his humor until he triumphed with the help of his God.
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My name is Gideon C. Mekwunye, born in 1951 in the City of Lagos, Nigeria, in West Africa, to Mr. Stephen C. Mekwunye and Mrs. Alice Igwe Mekwunye. As a vivacious young man and the first son out of a family of eight surviving children, I knew from youth the task ahead and understood that life would not be a bed of roses for me and that I have a big job in getting the family out of poverty. Education was of utmost importance. But the family got there with only the help of God. In school, many of my teachers have deduced from my writings that I need to write a book. But my concerns were first to graduate from college than telling stories. So at the time of completing this book, I’m very grateful to the Almighty that some of my dreams so far have been met by managing to graduate in biochemistry, music, and culinary arts. I hope those who read my book find courage and hope and never give up at any point in time. For only the strong survives.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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