Bridges of no Return
Bridges of no Return
Perfect Bound Softcover
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A Caribbean Island—a haven occupied and changed by a promising newcomer. Barcelona, Spain—a stopover that offers education and preparation toward a goal. United States—ultimate attainment and dream. From the oppression encountered in their native land, three women and two children flee to Spain in an effort to learn the language and pursue a life in the United States. Ana: mysteriously disappears during a visit to her boyfriend in Paris. Melina: meets a Spanish writer and makes a life for herself in Spain. Karina: meets an American who makes her entrance into the United States possible while forcing her to face the psychological attachment to her sister Daniela. The three venture into a foreign culture and language where each meet with unexpected events that separate them as well as open new avenues that bring them back together as they solve the puzzle of Ana’s disappearance.
It was October in Colorado and snow had already shown its uncomfortable side, the one Karina Sheffield had not been able to get used to. The bitter cold accompanied by the crisp breezes chapped her skin with no mercy. She rubbed Vaseline on her dry skin day and night since regular moisturizers did not help her Latin skin used to humidity. The mile high city of Denver was not what she would have picked to live the rest of her life. She preferred a warm climate with a beach nearby where she could reminisce about her childhood and the country that she had so reluctantly left so many years ago. It really seemed an eternity now. Life had tricked her and she feared that God was laughing at her expectations. Her friend Sylvia had offered her home to her in exchange of helping with the upkeep of the house and she gratefully accepted. Sylvia Murphy had settled in Denver with her husband Jim. Karina had met her on her arrival to Colorado Springs, being the receptionist at the school where Karina was working. Sylvia was of German descent and spoke four languages making her a big asset to the diversified community that they worked for. They kept in touch with each other when Sylvia’s husband was transferred to Denver. Karina settled happily in the basement of the Murphy’s very large home in July of that year and waited for the transfer to a school nearby, which wasn’t easy since it was the best school in the area, to come through. Karina moved to the living room and sat on the ten foot couch that her friend hated but of which her husband was very proud . She looked outside the picture window facing the beautiful weeping willows along the park- like street divide, swaying with the cold Autumn wind. Traffic moved slowly but steady. Karina loved to walk in the mornings but she liked to wait for the traffic to diminish once all workers had reached their job destinations. She had no desire to stay in Denver, It was a young people’s city, beautiful and suited for all outside activities and sports. She had seen enough and was not interested in the sports available and whatever spectacular that was not seen by her would remain unknown. She was going to work and save her money to educate her children who were now ready for college. Also her scars from her divorce were too fresh to touch. . Karina was 5’6 with light brown hair and eyes. Her best asset was her mouth; full lips opened to show a perfect set of teeth that shined in an undulated smile which could be the pride of any photographer. Her full bust chest marked a very tiny waist followed by a nice round bottom held by the longest , shapely legs which were the envy of any woman. Karina Sheffield was of Spanish descent so she swayed as she walked as any good Spanish senorita has been taught to do. Her 115 pounds frame attracted the looks of both men and women. Now divorced, her kids grown and gone, she needed to work to accumulate a retirement package as she called it. This whole experience may have come to teach her to be more aware and move with caution so she could gain some insight and find new tools to manifest the changes that were approaching in her life. She certainly could not afford a nervous breakdown. “Maybe later when I have enough money and more time,” she told herself. “ I hope I have a job by the beginning of the year”, she said to herself. Her rationality fought to stay grounded and focused trying to tell her emotional self that everything always happens for the better, she put her head back and she drifted back to that fateful day when she left her homeland fearful but full of hope. Images of her life started to come in beautiful colors and shapes and tears started falling down her face. She missed her family and friends, her culture, and her language. She had chosen this life and she had to adjust to it; to the customs and beliefs and she was going to give it her best. Born and raised in Isla Bonita, an island in the Caribbean Sea, of Spanish born parents, Karina had married a doctor, a surgeon , Enrique Bravo and had two children. They lived happily in Las Palmas, a seaport city in the Eastern side of the island. A focal point of the Spanish-American War. In 1898 the entire Spanish fleet was destroyed near its coast. Now, after believing they had paradise all to themselves, Marco Allende had started his fight against Miguel Juarez, the present dictator. No one expected what came about. Attacking an army garrison, Allende slowly and intelligently began the Revolution and the delightful fishing facility which Karina had loved so much, became the fearful fight for survival. Karina knew something had to be done to protect her family; trying to convince her husband was another story.
Michelle Harrison was born and raised in Puerto Rico. She graduated from the local high school and traveled to Kentucky, where she did her graduate studies at Spalding College for Girls. Michelle obtained a bachelor’s degree in home economics specialized in chemistry. She returned to her native Puerto Rico, where she taught chemistry and home economics at a high school. Mrs. Harrison married and moved to California with her husband. She had two children from this union and spent the next eleven years taking care of her family. She returned to work as a high school teacher teaching chemistry and English in the Los Angeles City School District. She attended the University of California, the University of Southern California, and Chapman and Pepperdine Colleges in the pursuit of a master’s in education and a bilingual credential. She taught ESL and soon became the coordinator for the program. She taught for twenty years and took an early retirement. After retirement, she worked as a travel agent and assistant teacher and managed the office for a nonprofit organization for disabled people through the Domestic Peace Corps or VISTA. Michelle has written a book on relationships based on numerology, her pet hobby. Mrs. Harrison enjoys reading, writing, crossword puzzles, bridge, movies, dancing, traveling, and people.


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