Where Has All the Power Gone?
Where Has All the Power Gone?
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The major concern of this book is the power of God as it works in individual lives and in the church. It is attempting to show that it is not enough to believe something; it is also important to do act on what you believe
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Robert Faga was born in Iowa on September 18, 1929. He was raised on the farm. After High School, he enlisted in the Air Force for 18 months until his father passed away at which time he was granted a Hardship discharge to help out on the farm. He served another 10 months after being called back into the service during the Korean War. He graduated from Concordia Seminary in 1961. He served five churches full time until he retired in 1991; and then served 9 churches part time after he retired. For a time he worked with the youth in the Ongoing Ambassador for Christ program and was involved for a period of time in the Church's District Evangelism progam. After retiring from church work, he spends his time in writing from experiences he had as a minister.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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