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CROXDIE Creedo 1. In the world of the CROXDIE player, “not even the stones are innocent.” 2. “The means justify the end.” 3. “Never give a sucker an even brake.” 4. “Show me a guy who has feelings and I will show a sucker.” 5. “It is morally wrong to allow suckers to keep their money.” 6. “Greed is good. Greed is right. Greed works. Greed will save USA.” NOTES: 3.Edward Francis Albee 4. Richard Sale (1954), Sudden (film). 5.“Canada Hill” Jones 6. Stanley Weiser and Oliver Stone (1946). Wall Street (film).
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When I was born, I could say, born in the jungles of Central America, El Salvador, in a small town of no more than 4000 people. Education, what we called “primaria” was at “Colegio Santa Teresita de Jesus”, “secundaria ”Colegio Externado de San Jose a Jesuit Catholic School, where I learned not to be afraid to question any one, like asking if Jesus went to India to learn magic before he reappeared taunting the Romans. Next stop was “The University Autonoma de El Salvador, Escuela de Arquitectura, “autonoma” means that was regulate by itself. A place, where everyone looks out for their future and start to be aware, of the relationship between the power of money and the defenseless and vulnerable poor. An uneven relationship, an equation composed of physical facts that persist disrupting the social relationships of mankind. My childhood was very ecological, jungle ecological, I was not exposed or entertained by visual mechanical images. The cinema in my home town only had three shows a week and there was no television. My mind was not influence by the created images of others, I made my own. Blessed by a gift of God, I draw very well, and in order to illustrate accurately I observe with patience. I had seen the funeral of a cockroach carried by a swarm of ants and I fallowed the trail to the feast. I had seen many stray dogs, rutting their lover that led me to ask my mother “what are the dogs doing stuck, and she said little Felipito that is natural, they are procreating, the dogs appeared to be in a suffering condition. That later, confuse me I, thought for a while, that men and women stuck together and suffered while procreating and that was the reason why they hide together in a rooms for long period of time. We kids did not have knowledge about sex; we had to learn by blind experience, or imitation. Casually some zoo animals were exhibitionist or flashers and performed for the innocent bystanders, once in a while we caught in the wild two raccoons enjoying themselves, or if your family had a ranch, seating by the bull ring you could see the bull trust the cow, but in reality that was not the way that a the man makes love to a woman. On Sunday the countryman descended into my town, to attend mass, sell their produces, trinkets and wears, and to do their house hold shopping and entertainment. The entertainment was to visit the cantina and get drunk, and as we know, destitute people demand respect, which is the only thing that they have. Among the destitute, in any dispute, death and honor is the only way out. A gruesome and bloody brawl, a machete duel, the epee of the peasants, would erupt at any moment. So, my friends and I sit in front of a cantina and waited for the happening of that horrible pastime. At that time, I live in an ecological wild environment that for us our avocation as kids was sociable acceptable and appeared to be normal. While the grownups talked casually about it. It seems that our jab was the surprise of the moment, now I realize that the new media popularity of those events was the fact that life is associated to death and man in some way digs fatality. When, I was eleven years old, I scanned some Art History books (I did not read them, it could be that the subject was bothersome) I saw in those books a lot of nudity, the nudity of the old centuries. The subject matter was either the woman being seduce by the devil transformed in an innocent goose or a women and a child, the child, being breast fed or being taking care of, those pictures got glamorized , as the ”thee graces”, that icon still bumping in my head , as three fat asses enjoying the spirit of the moment. In search for nudity, due to absence of sex rags or the playboy, we found it in the Anatomy books. Amid giggling and not comments, at the turn of the page, we kids look at each other for a unison eye approval. We found out that women had black pubic hair; most pictures show it in that way, so later on, among friends, the question always was, is she blond? My dreams were simple, since, I was a little boy, I saw the far away mountains, and I saw myself walking to them. I had seen pictures of sailing ships, I felt that was aboard and visited distant lands. My nanny use to said, you will go far away from here! Finally I started trotting the world. In 1962, I immigrated to the great America, USA. Los Angeles, California . I went to work as a draftsman, my English was very limited, I did not feel racism in the office, the owners were American born, ex veterans of the II World War and the boss of the bosses was a veteran of the Korean War, and we were in the Vietnamese World Ward, the head of the drafting department, was a Japanese descendant. Who was taken with his family to the concentration camps and recruited by the Army and by the end of the war, he was a part of the American occupation forces in Germany; Tak use to tell me that the German were surprised that a Japanese in an American uniform was occupying their land. The other draftsman were American , European and Latin descendants, that make us a diverse cultural group that enjoyed different kinds of food as “Sushi” that was serve only in one restaurant in town, in little Tokyo, Mexican food in Olvera Street, Chinese in China Town, Italian just North of China town and the American cuisine aand mixture of European basic dishes, at the “Pig and Whistle”. Learning about racism, it came when a black man joined the office, his name was Peter and he came from the Air Force, Peter and I became friends and roommates. One day when walking by, we were passing a hotel were the American flag was flying, and, I say Peter lets go to that coffee shop there , and he told me ,the place do not welcome blacks or Latinos, and there is no need for us to go there, America is greater than the mentality of those poor assholes. He said. I knew that some Latinos were called “grease” and some Latinos did not like black because they were afraid of them. May be that the European whites had propagated the notion that the black came from wild Africa, a non-Christian continent. Did I had any social problems, no, but I felt that I was put down, when I was given assignments in the office, thoset assignments that carried professional responsibility, since I draw and illustrate well, I had become the unofficial junior designer, and that did not go well with the senior draftsmen, they never would reach that professional level. Did I ever get callous? No, I can’t say no, that I did not care, It bother me, I could not explain that my talent was a blessing and a gift of God. I’ m 75 years old, II have accomplished my mission, I have visited more countries than I expected, I have designed so many building and for 40 years I designed casinos in Las Vegas. I love American and its culture “based in the freedom of man” and the “respect of the rights of others” , my dream is one multicolored GOD.


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