Three Stories about Jonathan, the Computer, and Little Kitty
Three Stories about Jonathan, the Computer, and Little Kitty
Three Short Stories about a Boy and his Magic Cat
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Little eight–year-old Jonathan finds himself in a dilemma, both at home and school. He’s learning about fact families in math class and famous Americans in language arts, just like any other typical second grader does, but he just can’t quite seem to remember all the new things his teachers have taught him. When he gets to computer lab, a class he really loves to go to, Jonathan has work to do, but he is not sure how to go about it. With a little help from a furry friend, his cat, he gets the job done. Little Kitty not only helps Jonathan but his grandfather too.
"If I were only at home I could play with Little Kitty and my x-box or ds and be having so much fun. I remember that just last night I got the highest –" “Alright everybody line up in traveling order, we’re going to the computer lab,” interrupted Ms. B, tearing Jonathan away from his daydream, again. But this time he didn’t seem to mind. “Did Ms. B say the computer lab? I love the computer lab!” Jonathan said to no one in particular, as he hurried to get to his spot in the line.
I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, but now reside in Northern Virginia just outside of Washington, DC. For the past five years, I have taught in an elementary school where I teach kids just like Jonathan, Sheila, and Darius, everyday. It was they who gave me the inspiration to write this book. In years past, I taught in Japan, China, Czech Republic, and Ukraine. I find that all kids—and adults as well—can use that little push from time to time when it comes to learning something new. With a little help from a friend, a teacher, a colleague, or even a pet, all of us can succeed. Years ago, I used to have a cat. Her jumping on my lap when I least expected it gave me the idea for the special touch of magic that Little Kitty provides for Jonathan and his grandfather when they most need it. Probably, had it not been for the brief time I had with my little kitty, Caramella, this book would never have been written. Inspiration comes in many forms and has many facets.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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