Let's Go See Mother Wilkerson's Farm
Let's Go See Mother Wilkerson's Farm
Adventures in Learning Excellence
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This book is designed for the world of children and adults who are unfamiliar with the early 20th century farm culture. It is created as a tool for early learners through the eyes of exrtraordinary Art by artist, Mother Lizzie Wilkerson. Each reader will learn farm history in the form of Art, alphabets, and words' recognitions;12 colorful paintings introduces details for accelerated learning. The design requires minimal coaching from an adult.
This extraordinary book sends one on a search for tiny details hidden in these rare examples of Folk Art of artist, Lizzie Wilkerson, representing her farm experiences. Learning excellence is extended to include a farm experience through twelve Art examples. the learner is exposed to the farm values while learning colors, the alphabet and words. Marva N.Collins Educator, endorsed this resource and stated, "Aristotle said, All people by nature desire to know" This book allows students to know that words and images are also inclusive in pictures. This book will also help students illuminate the human experience as shown through pictures. Every child should have the opportunity to use this book as a verbal exercise as to what they see, what they feel, and to create stories from the wonderful pictures"
Earnest Hooks,Jr. is a native of Atlanta, Georgia where he met Lizzie Wilkerson as a young child while his mother was visiting her home. He was educated at Howard University's School of Architecture and Harvards's GSD Professional Development. He is a registered Architect, a certified Building Biologist and has practiced architecture for 30 years. He has mentored local kids for several years.


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