Scarlet Flow
Scarlet Flow
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The small volume of verse, Scarlet Flow, is a selected record of one decade of the author’s thoughts, which celebrates the value of beauty, perceived, whether in painful or more pleasant circumstances, of the past but also that in the moment, spontaneously; these two portions of our lives are seen to flow into each other, giving the wisdoms necessary for the sustenance of a healthy self. No perceptive experience is too small or grand, neither positive or too negative to be included into what becomes a cathartic record as much as a worded picture, illustrated, of the feast of life: the past is, because it was, and the moment is a celebratory journey in itself. Therefore, a memory of the childish pleasantry of playing marbles with brothers or catching back the residual beauty of a past relationship allows the flow of one’s life to become a record and a release toward a good peace.
Beauty Antidote Colors appeared, Radiantly drawing a symmetry of flowers, Their marvelous centers rising out their faces; And verses sang in the silent parameters of coming thought. Butterflies, carrying the beginning narrative of the day, Burdened with their gold and orange chests of joy, fell, As expressive painting strokes, Their glad lamentations oded to me. Within morning innocence, Dried rose petals, wearing their remnant beauty, Became borne about by fancied winds, Touching with the fragrance of yesterday; And I reached above, and wide, And I gathered them a second time. -This magazine, its beauty store in my heart, Ever ready to heal wounds, Whose pain reaches beyond flesh where flows blood, Gave into my place of tears, Only its reigning antidote, To soothe and make whole again. -such, my joy now- Elizabeth
Elizabeth Clayton has taught classes in Psychology and English on Mississippi college campuses since age twenty. She is presently an adjunct instructor in literature at Mississippi College, near her home outside Jackson, MS. She has published eight volumes of poetry since her autobiography in 2007, together with a modest volume of Psychological essays.


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