A Dozen Deepest Wishes
A Dozen Deepest Wishes
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Making comparison is in human nature. We constantly compare ourselves and others to somebody like ourselves—whether we want to or not. Poets and artists take this a step further and draw parallels between people and other beings or objects, such as animals or even inanimate objects. Or we compare the objects to people, attributing human qualities to them. But in the big scheme of things, this is not important: comparisons could really work both ways. Let’s say you want to compare yourself with a flower, so what flower would you be? On the other hand, if you are looking closely at a forget-me-not, for example, what type of person do you imagine? What really prompted me to write this poem was my long-term fascination with flowers. Contemplation of their amazing lines and shapes led to reflections on their imaginable characters and fates. What occupation or pursuit would each flower have? What lifestyle would it choose? How would it treat others around him? In short, what would happen if flowers lived by the same rules as humans? But that’s not all. Each one of us wishes for something. It happens sometimes that our dreams and aspirations become the main drive in our lives. They prompt us to action and make us who we are. Perhaps that’s how it should be. Only we as humans should be responsible for our wishes and for the effect they may have on us and others if they were to come true. It goes without saying—wishing along is not enough. We must actually do something to turn our wishes into reality. And if you are sure that your wishes are good and philanthropic, then go for it! The whole universe will be on your side. That’s what this poem is about, and I really hope it will resonate in your heart.
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Katya Romanoff is originally from Russia. She has been teaching English as a second language in public schools in Connecticut since 2004. Katya published her first collection of poems, entitled On the Wings of Time, in 2010 and the children’s book Meeting of the Seasons in 2012. Her hobbies include ballroom dancing, gardening, and poetry writing. She lives with her family in North Haven, Connecticut.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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