Princess School
Princess School
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King Gunther - ruler of Netherlands and a good father to her daughter Princess Linda.  Worrying about her future.  The founder of the Princess School. 

Princess Linda - A beautiful and attractive princess from the Netherlands who is not like any other ordinary princess, who is nice, caring and dorky.  Loves America and american things and wants go to college in America in USC where she dreams about.  

Walter - King's royal advisor and loyal to King Gunther and Princess Linda and he also cares about Billy.

Billy - Nerdy kid who is Princess Linda's age and is not exactly kind of guy who you would pick for prince charming.  He has Prince Charming's heart, but not his looks and is the last person anyone would date Linda.  Going to USC school of cinema in the fall and dreams about being the next Josh Schwartz.  Once he recieve the letter he thought it was a gag. But he found it wasn't met Linda and explained everything to him and fell in love with her in a minute. 

Jimmy - Billy's best friend who thought was playing a trick on him, but he isn't and a leader of the rock that Billy helps set up for a record producer.  

Billy's Dad - Supportive of BIlly and tells him to go along with Jimmy's gag.

Billy's Mom - Supportive of Billy's and tells him to go along with Jimmy's gag.

american limo driver - that drives Billy to the airport.  

American flight attendant in Billy's private jet - serves Billy's drink.  

King's royal chauefffer - Takes Billy to King Gunther's castle

Princess Jeannette - one of the students who attends the princess school and Billy and Linda's classmate.

Princess Anna - one of the students who attends the princess school and Billy and Linda's classmate

Princess Jessica - one of the students who attends the princess school and Billy and Linda's classmate

Princess Diane - who is Antonio lackey.  He also hates Billy and thinks he's a geek too. one of the students who attends the princess school and Billy and Linda's classmate

Prince Edward - 

one of the students who attends the princess school and Billy and Linda's classmate.

Prince Antonio - The main antagonist of this story who is Billy's rival and is in love with Princess Linda.  He hates Billy and doesn't like him dating his future girlfriend. He is suspicious of him and figure out he's not really a prince, one of the students who attends the princess school and Billy and Linda's classmate

Prince Oliver - one of the students who attends the princess school and Billy and Linda's classmate

Pierre - the bellman and tour guide to the castle where the ladies show them to their room

Alfred - the bellman and tour guide to the castle where the gentlemen show them to their rooms.  

King Gunther's maid - The maid shows Billy where the kitchen is

Mr Rayne - record producer who signs Billy's friend Jimmy.  



Once upon a time, far off in the country of the Netherlands, a king ruled by the name of Gunther. Although his name provoked a certain foreboding notion along with his royal title, King Gunther himself was a man both wise and gentle who ruled over his people with both equal and fair treatment. Although he had ruled for more than forty years and had grown a substantial beard in his time, Gunther ruled alone. While the country remained happy in his rule, Gunther found that his only joy came from his daughter Linda, his only heir to the throne. Often enough during the day, notions of marriage and grandchildren often found their way into King Gunther’s mind, helping him to pass the time in the great throne room while he looked over the needs of his people with his Royal Advisor Walter. Today was no different as the bright visions of his daughter and his unknown son-in-law overtook his mind once more. He gazed away into his fantasies, but was soon forced back by the rustling of papers and the approach of his advisor Walter. Gunther peered down at the man, a small smile touching the corner of his mouth. The small man bowed to his king. “Hello your Majesty.” The king nodded, straightened himself in his throne, and beckoned him to approach, “What is it?” “I just got off the phone with the last of the royal families sire, and judging by my list, the Royal Ball is already ahead of schedule.” Gunther smiled, “Excellent news Walter!” The kings’ thoughts shifted to his daughter, and his smile quickly faded. “I’m not so certain how Linda will take the news though, what are your thoughts?” Walter found himself quickly looking at the floor. “Hard to say your Majesty. The princess is not exactly keen on the idea of this royal function. She loathes these things. It’s always about appearances, prestige, and mingling properly. These particular elements of society are sometimes elusive to your daughter.” Gunther shifted himself in his seat once more. “You think I don’t know that? My daughter will be turning eighteen this coming week, already a young woman! My only wish for this ball is to help her take a proper step towards functioning as a woman of royalty should...” Walter looked up from the floor, a slight grin passing over his face. He waited for the rest of Gunther’s’ thoughts to come out. “…Annnd, of course finding a proper suitor who is worthy to marry the princess someday.” Walter smiled and nodded in agreement. “Right you are sire.” Gunther stood, stretched, and clasped Walter on the shoulder. They walked the long throne room, Walter listening as the king continued. “Yes Walter, I worry about her. I know she is thinking about going to college soon, but she needs the right man with royal blood at her side when she goes off to college. That way, once she graduates from school, she will be ready to take over the throne with her new husband.” Walter nodded. “That’s one of the many reasons why she hates these parties sire. You’re always trying to set her up with one of the princes or dukes noble blood.” Gunther cast a quick glance at his advisor as they continued to walk. Silence remained heavy for a short time and soon the king found himself curling his beard in his fingers. Walter smiled and looked down, knowing that the king’s actions were a sure tell of being both nervous and anxious. At last the king spoke, “I know she wants to marry for love Walter, and I will respect her wishes. Just so, we will arrange this event to be open to everyone in the country.” Walter’s gaze met the floor again at the news. The king shook him and grinned heartedly down at his advisor. “Walter, I want you to send out the invitations to everybody in this country to spread the word.” Walter nodded, “Yes, your highness.” “And remember Walter, Linda needs to a find a potential suitor, and if you mess this up, you’ll be cleaning the royal stables all month. If you do really well with this party, I will offer you a great reward. Now…what did I just say?” Walter quickly looked up, “Don’t mess this up?” Gunther shook him again, grinning all the more. “Exactly! Linda will be in charge of this ball, but she won’t know the ropes. Just so, I will arrange for her to go to a Princess School for a week. This will help teach her the proper function of these events.” Walter raised an eyebrow towards his king’s statement. “But sire, we don’t have a Princess School.” “We do now,” Gunther declared. “It will be here. You will be teaching these young princes and princesses everything to do for this royal ball before they are brought to society.” Walter suddenly felt himself growing pale and weak under this new request. Managing one royal daughter was hard enough at times, but managing multiple princes and princesses sounded like a royal nightmare. Gunther reached into this jacket pocket and handed a list to Walter. The king continued to talk as Walter read the list. “The Royal Ball is in two weeks. We have a week to get everything ready. This list marks the princes and princesses that will attend the school. You’re going to give them the lessons about attending the ball. Mail out the invitations to those on the list promptly, we need to get started.” Walter pocketed the list. “Don’t worry sire, I will get everything ready.” “Good, now go find Linda and tell her what’s going on.” Walter bowed out from underneath his king’s grip on his shoulder and made for a hasty exit from the throne room. “Walter….remember…” Walter turned to find his king pointing his royal finger back at him. Walter nodded, “Don’t mess this up…yes sire.” Gunther nodded at his answer and continued to walk the room as Walter quickly ushered himself out. The hallways were silent as he continued to move room to room, down one hallway and on to the next. He soon found himself to the private rooms of the royal estate. As he came to Linda’s room, he could hear the voices of one of Linda’s favorite television programs heard in the room. “Gossip Girl”, he thought as turned the doorknob. He smiled to himself, admiring the young princess because for all her royal baggage that she inherited, young Linda still managed to keep the life of a normal teenage girl. Walter always liked that about her, her ability to remain normal without all the pomp that can get to a young girl’s head, especially a young girl of royalty. He opened the door to find Linda sprawled out on her couch, facing the TV just as he predicted. She smiled at him as he entered. “Hello Walter.” Walter bowed slightly, “Hello young miss. I have a message from your father.” Linda hit the mute button on the controls. “What is it?” “Your father needs to see you in the throne room right away. There is something he wants to talk to you about.” The young girl cringed slightly at Walter’s words, “Oh man, I think he’s mad that he found my application to U.S.C. I don’t want to go to his alma mater!” Her thoughts break off to the sound of Walter clapping. “Chop chop your majesty! Your father needs to see you right away.” Linda sighed as she reached up with the remote and turned the TV off. They quickly made their way back to the throne room to find the king still pacing and curling his beard in his fingers. At the sight of his young daughter he clapped his hands behind his back, smiling down at this daughter as she approached. Linda could see her father was nervous about something and although she didn’t like the situation one bit, she also didn’t like to see her father nervous or upset. She quickly hugged him to help ease his tension. “Hello father, Walter told me you wanted to see me? What’s the word?” The king looked at her curiously. “Um…well honey, next week will be your eighteenth birthday. You’ll be going to a college after that. We are throwing a royal ball as your farewell banquet before you go out into the world.” Linda’s shoulders slumped at her father’s words. “Another
My name is Bobby Chavala. I live in 934 South Dunn in Maryville, Missouri, 64468. I'm autistic. I'm the first member of my family who was born in America, and my family is from India. I graduated in Maryville High School in 1998 and graduated from college


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