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Inside The Giant Electric Machine is a series of books which attempts to bring the reader inside a electric generating facility. I plan to help explain what electricity is , where" IT" comes from and how "IT" arrives at our homes and places of business. My goal is to make the reader feel like they are a member of a very highly skilled, diverse team working together safely with one common goal in mind. The success of the Giant Electric Machine and delivery of the product.
Volume one: "The Giant Water Cooling Pump" begins to explain what electricity is and where "IT" comes from. The teams of craftsmen and women de energize, disassemble, inspects, replaces parts, reassembles and re energizes The Giant Water Cooling Pump. The team is made up of many different characters and under the direction of Louie and Square Head they learn to treat everyone with respect and dignity in understanding how important it is to get the job done right the first time for the success of "The Giant Electric Machine".
I hope to gain the reader’s attention and inspire a whole new generation of engineers and craftsmen and women. Also I hope to make the reader more aware of where electricity comes from and what "IT" entails in producing "IT" and delivering "IT". 

LOUIE; Hello everyone, I’m glad to see we are all here together as a team. Today we are going to start working on one of the giant water pumps that keep the electric machine cooled down. We all know what happens when the electricity machine gets to hot, RIGHT! THE CREW: Yes Louie, Yes Louie, the electric machine will stop spinning and will stop making electricity. Uh ooh! LOUIE: We all have to remember that the most important thing we do is SAFETY. The pump we are going to work on is pump 1-A. The first group of people on our team we need to talk to is the electricians. HI VOLT, BRUCEY, SISTER T [Electricians]: Yes Louie, Yes Louie, How are you doing? HI VOLT: We’re all ready to help the team, Lou. You did say water pump 1-A right? LOUIE: Yes HI VOLT, pump 1-A. Along the way to the pump I’m going to need the electricians to take care of some other things for the team too. [BRUCEY is in the back eating doughnuts. But listening.] SISTER T: Sure Louie, what ever we can do to help. LOUIE: First we need to talk to the electricity machine operator and let him know we are going to be working on water cooling pump number 1-A. Next we need to find the power source to the big water cooling pump. Then we need to open the big switch and turn off the big water pump. Once that is done we need to I.D. the switch and pad lock it opened. After you get that done we’ll meet you at the pump. HIGH-VOLT: Ok! We’ll meet you at the pump. LOUIE: Thanks, remember be safe. BIG JIM: Well Louie I guess you want to talk to us next. LOUIE: Yes Big Jim I’m happy to see we have the best riggers in the world. [BLAZÉ, BIG JIM, BIG O, SUAVE RICO] LOUIE: We need you guys to walk out to the pump and take a good look at the job. Then discuss the type of equipment and rigging your going to need to help us take this pump apart. After you guys decide what we will need, you’ll have to go to the rigging room and get what we need. Please make sure you inspect everything real good before you bring it to the job. Any questions? BIG O: Yes Louie, do you have the key for the rigging room? [Eating doughnuts] LOUIE: Yes Big O .it’s right here. I’ll meet you guys on the job when you’re done. RIGGERS: OK. LOUIE: I need to talk to you guys next. [The Fitters, OTTO, BOOGER] BOOGER: What’s up Lou? LOUIE: Nothing but the best for our team. Can the fitters please take care of tooling up for taking apart the oil lines. Don’t forget there’s a lot of big pipe down there make sure you match mark the pipe and work safe. OTTO: Are we ready to get started Louie? LOUIE: Not yet Otto, get the tools and the team is going to meet on the job. FITTERS: Sounds good Louie. LOUIE: That leaves just us left .The machinists Jake, Googly, Moe, and Kay we need to isolate the giant water cooling pump by closing the valves that bring the water in and out of it. Also, we have to get the Torque machine and the right sockets to disassemble, or take apart the pumps casing. Remember to wait till the rest of the team gets on the job and work together and safely. COOL DADDY: Louie what does that leave us to do? DUDDLEY: Don’t worry Cool Daddy we have a lot of work. LOUIE: Finely we have to get the dial indicator to measure thrust, which is the clearance or extra space inside the pump. And big pry bars and tools to take apart the coupling. And we know the coupling connects the big pump to the big motor. Right? ROPEY: Yes Louie, and we are working on pump 1-A. It helps keep the electricity machine cool. I will also get my feeler gauge to take measurements and bring that to the job. PEACHES: Good thinking Ropey. LOUIE: Remember the pump has a rattling noise and a sudden decrease in discharge pressure. ROPEY: Well Louie we’ll see when we open the pump up. LOUIE: Let’s go meet the rest of the team on the job.... THE ELECTRICIANS WERE WELL ON THEIR WAY BY NOW. THEY HAD THEIR METERS AND PERSONAL SAFTEY GEAR IN HAND. BRUCEY; HI VOLT, did you call Eagle Ed and let him know we are going to work on the giant water pump 1-A. HI VOLT: Yes Brucey he’s expecting us.


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