Do We Live In Two Worlds?
Do We Live In Two Worlds?
Reconciling Science and Soul Second Edition
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This extraordinary book should be read and thoughtfully comprehended by every science-minded, spiritual-inquiring person and all others who seek an asnwer to:

Why do we exist and how did we get here in life?

A new science, Particle Physics, also known as Quantum Mechanics, has revealed the existence of an untold universe. This previously unexplained, fantastic world is near and is yet so far from our secular understanding.

God in His universe, acting through angels and souls of individuals, can modify our existence and actions. Soul within man acts through RNA and DNA to affect organs of the body and our thought processes.

We are created in God’s image, not as physical body, but as a soul that reflects the being of God. Soul affects correctins for illness, and for changes in our secular world.

Do We Live In Two Worlds? should be on the “must read” shelf of every individual having an introspective mind.

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Robert Greenough was born into a very normal family life at the start of the second quarter of the 20th century. His young and growing years were characterized by curiosity into nearly all fields of interest.

In his mature years, he attempts to assimilate all fields to explain man, our purpose in life, and more importantly, the "mechanics" of how we were created, developed, matured, and differed as human from animal life.



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