Saddle Stitch Softcover
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The story is about three little boys on vacation, discovering as little boys do, caterpillars, bugs, worms, etc., In this case, it was a caterpillar. They loved the caterpillar and took it with them on their vacation. It describes the caterpillar’s view of the experience and the joy of the children sharing them.
Franco pounded some holes in the lid with a nail and hammer to make sure Vern had all the air he needed. He also put some apple leaves in the module, so Vern would have all the snacks he needed for his trip. Now Vern had never taken an automobile ride so he was just a trifle frightened when the boys took him in the SUV with them. The boys took turns talking to Vern, pointing out the sights, the big buildings and churches, flowers and lakes. They finally came to a great big building called a hotel, and Vern was really happy to arrive because he was feeling just a little carsick and queasy. The family parked the car, got out all their luggage, checked in, and started toward their room. And that's when Vern found out what real queasiness was, cause he went on his first what the boys called an elevator ride. His tummy was doing flipflops all the way to the 37th floor. Now, was he impressed, the highest he had ever been was to the top of the apple tree.
Born in the little town of Northwood, Iowa, educated and married there, has lived in California for fifty years in the same house. Married and raised six children, all adults now, while working for a local government office and going to college. While writing several short articles and presenting book reviews, dreaming of publishing a book, and reading and telling stories to fifteen grandchildren, this story began to unfold.


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Saddle Stitch Softcover
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