Brooklyn Crazy Guy
Brooklyn Crazy Guy
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East New York was a section of Brooklyn and was the mecca of organized crime; the floodgates were opened to immigrants and those that came for a better life, marveled at the vastness of the open fields they the immigrants were ready to enslave themselves to secure a better life. Others with devious minds saw an opportunity to form a new government. America was ripe for the underworld. The families came for freedom but were subdued; some families taught their children to respect the crime lords. I was fascinated by the stories of brutality by men that blamed others for discrimination; the crime lords declared that we must stick together and not trust outsiders. That formed my mind set. The schools were a playground for me; I fought my way from one school to another. I was uneducated found myself with the worst jobs. I started stealing. I developed a taste for forbidden fruit. I spent time in the military learned to use weapons. I had a diabolical aspect in my thinking nothing seemed to bother me. I did mundane things one fiasco after another, all I could think of was crime. I love to handle guns it give me a sense of power. I would practice in front of the mirror: I would pull the gun from my belt. I wanted to be John Dillinger tough and vicious. I did a lot of time lost my wife and child noting mattered all I wanted was to be respected by fear; the jails were hard to take. The inmates were hard to deal with. My eyes opened to the fact that I was the biggest sucker that there ever was. I did not feel sorry for myself I kind of disliked who I was. I lived alone had few friends. I spent the last 17 years poking fun at myself I could have been someone; I elected to be a nobody!
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Michael Castello is the author and editor of this book. It’s a crime story pulls no punches puts himself on the line; dealt with psychopaths, serial killers, bank robbers, hijackers, moonshiners, mob bosses; spent 25 years in state and federal penitentiaries. Was a fugitive for 11 years; this book takes place in East New York area. The author talks about the comings and goings of hapless individuals. It’s a comedy of errors each and every crime was a debacle; the women were just as dumb and bloodthirsty. The names were changed. The ones who died, I use their names; the banks that are mentioned, the locations and names were changed; you will not put down this book I’d bet my life on it.


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