Purring Angels
Purring Angels
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Purring Angels, the book for cat-lovers

Cats are wonderful. We can learn so much from them.

In the first part of "Purring Angels" you will read all about my seven kitties: Daimke and Catje, who have had such a difficult start in their lives. Chummy, my golden eyed British Gentleman. Puddie, the eldest, writes beautiful letters with much wisdom to his pen friends. Donsje, the sweetest cat on earth becomes a real film star. Mickje who was thrown over the gate, thin and injured, learned how it is to be loved. Tommeke, my 'wild' Belgian Forest Cat who joins us later. He is incredible and he loves us with all his heart. Luckje who stayed only for a year.

I tell about stray cats and the good work the people who take care of them do. Just read what happened to Ophelia? Do you know the cat goddess Bastet and Saint Francis? There are wonderful poems and stories all over the book. The ones about the Rainbow Bridge give so much comfort.

In the second part of the book I tell about Anorexia. It was my animals who saved me by urging me to fight and eat. The next chapters deal with the upbringing of cats and include many interesting facts about cats. Read the lovely stories from the Cats Confidential Newsletter. I inserted quotations from the Bible and the Koran. FAB, the Feline Advisory Bureau allowed me to use their leaflets about feline diseases and hazardous plants.

Part of the proceeds will go to kittens in distress.

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I had a lovely youth on a manor of 1800 hectares, where my father was the steward. I loved working on the land, took long walks with the dogs along the river, went horseriding, swimming…I was a very happy child, surrounded by my animal-friends. I have always been in close and special contact with them. They were my most important teachers. They taught me the real meaning of friendship, unconditional love and loyalty. They paid attention to me, worried about me. They taught me the real value of life! Their love is Love with a capital L.

My dearest wish was to have a cat. This dream materialised when Puddie came into my life. Puddie, my beautiful king-cat! He was the first of my eight cats, the co-authors of Purring Angels. Luckje and Donsje soon followed. Then came Mickje, sick and starving, who was thrown over the fence into the garden. Chummeke, Daimke, Catje and Tommeke followed later.

I have had 30 years of Anorexia and I was saved by the unconditional love of my angelanimals. 'Not all angels have wings'. Now I dedicate my life to helping cats in distress. I write about them, give information about them, advise people how to keep their kitties happy and promote spaying and neutering, one of the most important things to prevent unhappy cats.

It is my profound wish that my book may help cats by informing people. Part of the proceeds of 'Purring Angels' will go to kittens in distress.



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