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Read, laugh and learn a little French. Go with puppy Amberella from the farm to the city. Two funny, spoiled poodle sisters, Zozue and Tutsu, live there with a grandmother who has a secret. Amberella must make friends with the poodles. Can little Amberella do this and will the grandmother's secret help her? Follow Amberella's adventures during her first year. See if she will live happily ever after when she meets a prince. Readers will love the dogs in this book and never forget them.
All of a sudden, Amberella thought she heard someone coming. She wiggled under Madame La Cooke's bed. There, she found Cooke's slippers. They smelled like Cook, only better. Amberella never knew people's feet smelled so good. She decided to take one of the slippers to chew on. Amberella went back to the kitchen. She started munching on the heel of the slipper. Her chewing noises woke up Tutsu. She looked up sleepily and blinked. "Ah, Ma Petite, comment ça va?" Tutsu asked Amberella. Then she stared wide-eyed. "Madame La Cooke's favorite slippers! Zozue, Zozue! Au secours, au secours, fais vite!" "What is it,Tutsu? Is it a fire? Call 911. Get Ma Petite. We must stop, drop and roll." "Non, non, Zozue. Ma Petite has taken Madame La cooke's slipper to chew on." "Sacre bleu," exclaimed Zozue. "It will be the shelter for us. Absolument! First the pantry, then the nail polish and novel and now the slipper. We must prepare our wills." "Zozue, you are right. Who would take us in? But I was going to leave all my things to you." Tutsu began to howl. "Sacre bleu," Zozue moaned. "Who knew un petit chiot could cause so much difficulty. Every week a new problem and more talks with Grand-mère." "We are not parfait, but Ma Petite has made us look much worse," groaned Tutsu. "Ma Petite, what were you thinking?" Zozue asked Amberella. "I'm sorry. I felt bored and the slippers smelled so good," Amberella gave her sad little reply. "Ma Petite, try to think of yourself as a poodle. You will not like the odor of feet," Zozue ordered. "I'mmmmm s-s-sorry," sniffed Amberella. "Do not cry, Ma Petite," said Tutsu as she patted Amberella's head. "Zozue and I will think of something." "Tutsu, we must return the slipper. You put it back. Ma petite and I will wait by the back door in case Madame La Cooke returns. We will keep her busy playing with us until you have time to get back to the kitchen." "Why me?" Tutsu whined. "I am always it." "Tutsu, we do not have time to argue. Besides, you are faster." "Oui, Zozue. I suppose you are right. But first I must get these tooth marks out of the slipper." "Maybe your nail polish would work," Amberella tried. "No, Ma Petite. I will lick the slipper very hard. That should work." Tutsu got rid of the tooth marks. Then she brought the slipper to Madame La Cooke's room before she got home. Tutsu was the hero. She made Amberella and Zozue very happy. That night, Zozue and Tutsu thought Amberella was asleep. They had an important talk. Amberella was not asleep at all. She listened. "We now have more than us to worry about," Zozue began.
Rosemarie Kaupp, a registered nurse, has worked many years with children as a school nurse. As a lifelong dog lover, she was the owner of Amber who was the inspiration for Amberella. Still working part time as a school nurse, she resides in southeastern Pennsylvania.


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