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Cowboy Knight Salvation is a tale of choices and directions about one of the last American generals, Alan Cally, who has to face the reality that all he has done for war against the individualist was wrong. He had a love of the Old West from movies he had only seen from childhood, but that would all change when he and his AI robotic horse, Ranger, explore the New West. They encounter a frontier teaming with giant creatures from the past. His love for adventure would lead him to a man who would help him change everything he stood for and humble his very soul. This is a story with action, adventure, tragedy, and most of all, hope. Like the New West, he would learn to become a new man.
All of a sudden, the general heard something; his mood changed on a dime and he said, “Quiet, Ranger, turn your sensors on!” “Yes sir!” Ranger sensed that play time was over; he did what the general asked. Cally asked Ranger, “What do you hear and see?” Ranger was in full command mode, and his sensors picked up sounds and motions over the horizon. Ranger said, “Sounds like big feet and big bodies.” The general asked Ranger how far out they were. Ranger said back, “About two hundred yards, sir.” Cally asked Ranger, “Are they coming this way?” “Yes sir!” The general quickly told Ranger to change direction and head for a hill so they could get a better vantage point to get a look at the creature. It was a huge predator reptile. Ranger had wondered why they hadn’t seen many animals. The general agreed. Ranger could only say, “Whoa! Look at the size of that thing!” “Yeah,” replied the general, “it’s a big one!” He told Ranger to stay still, since the reptile was probably a sight hunter. Ranger quietly said, “Yesss sirrrr!” They froze and held their position to watch. The vantage point from the hill gave them a better view of this great creature, and for the time being they were not in the creature’s direct path. All of a sudden, Ranger’s sensors went off, and a herd of reptiles came toward them; they were being chased by another great reptile like the first one. Hell was fixing to break loose. It was an ambush. Cally told Ranger, “Get ready to ride!” and Ranger told the general back, “You ain’t got to tell me twice.” The herd came up behind them, with the other creature giving chase. As the herd approached them, they darted to the right and ran into the other creature, laying in wait. The big one made his move on the herd and jumped on two of them, pinning them to the ground while biting their feet and heads. Chaos broke out in the herd, with some stopping to sense a direction, but it was too late. The other predator jumped two more creatures and pinned them. “Well, Ranger, it looks like the two big boys have dinner tonight.”
Circle, author of his first book, Cowboy Knight Salvation, has had a lifelong interest in writing stories about characters he has imagined. Now he has accomplished putting one of those characters out there for others to enjoy.


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