Lost Paradise
Lost Paradise
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Sheluna is strong and wise beyond her twenty years, and she is ready to assume her role as the next high priestess of Holy Ground. She has all the qualities of a great leader—she is open-minded, spirited, and courageous. She is loved and respected by all the people and creatures surrounding her. Now her destiny rests on the other side of one crucial and dangerous test. Set in Holy Ground, a real city that existed over nine thousand years ago and lasted for over fifteen centuries in central Turkey, Sheluna’s story is imaginative historical fiction based on fascinating fact gleaned from extensive research into the excavations of Çatalhöy k, the real city that inspired the story of Holy Ground. Home to an advanced egalitarian society, Çatalhöy k’s legacy is rich with thought-provoking themes of equality, Earth worship, and the importance of ritual and symbology. Modern humans can learn much from our ancestors of prehistory (a big part of which is “her story”). The people of Holy Ground called it Paradise—the paradise before the fall.
As the auroch charged Cole, he darted to the side and like a cat, pounced onto the great bovine's back. It swung its gian head back and forth and trotted around the arena bucking, snorting, and kicking. Now Cole looked like a rag doll, literally holding on for his life. Would he be able to hang on? Several arrows and spears hit the bull, mainly in the side and hind, sending it into a bellowing fury. Cole then flew off the bull's back , landing squarely on his own back in the middle of the ring.
Sheryl Knowlton admits that she should have majored in archaeology rather than English literature, but that hasn’t stopped her for studying Çatalhöy k. She grew up in Idaho and Oregon and now lives in Adrian, Oregon. Whenever possible, she and her daughter, Jessica, can be found outside, exploring the Earth Mother’s many gifts.


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