The Coming of the Prince of Peace
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Jasper’s Poetic Version Overview: HIStory records the coming of the Prince of Peace. Christ’s birth is provided in this poetic book’s release. It is based on Biblical accounts in timely protocol And written to be easily read and understood by all. My prayer is the content will be a blessing to you And that it will be enjoyable yet stimulating too So that you will search for meaning of Jesus in your life And find salvation and peace in this world of strife! In His Service, Jasper Snellings
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Jasper Snellings' journey from electrical engineer to author took some interesting turns along the way. His early years were spent in Humble, Texas where his parents were members of the First United Methodist Church. Inheriting his father's and mother's musical talents, Snellings has added his booming bass voice to many a church choir. He currently sings with Christ Church UMC of The Woodlands. Snellings graduated from the University of Houston in 1967 with a degree in electrical engineering. He started his engineering career in Houston and later managed in the Dallas office for the Foxboro Company. His professional experience includes presentations on business quality to universities and trade shows across the country. He was featured in an article in PI Quality Magazine, published September/October 1993, entitled Building A Business Alliance. In 1987, he met his wife, SuZanne, and they now live in The Woodlands, Texas. A conservative Christian and Bible study teacher, he was a candidate on the Independent ticket for United States Congress as a Representative from District 18 (Houston) in 1994. He also is a history enthusiast and creates a quarterly column for Stirpes, journal of the Texas State Genealogical Society. In his writings, Snellings seeks to share the gospel through prose and the use of classical art. This beautifully presented book, designed by the author, is Snellings' first published work and is dedicated to the service of the Lord Jesus Christ.
If you love the Christmas story, are fond of good poetry, and beautiful artwork, this book has it all. It chronicles the traditional Biblical account of Christ’s birth, life, death, and resurrection. It is Biblically accurate, written in easily readable poetic form (but no singsong), and has classic artwork that enhances the text of each page. References for the art are beside it so no flipping is necessary. For those with a technical bent, Jasper Snellings, an electrical engineer, includes a chronological diagram with a list of data points that further explain the diagram’s labels, and of course, references.

This book is so engaging that I shared it with a woman diagnosed with dementia. While she loved reading all her life, her short-term memory loss made reading extremely difficult. However, when she started this book, she was not only able to follow it, she found it so interesting that she finished the book, something she had not done in a very long time. Enjoyable, stimulating, and if someone needs it, good therapy, this book provides multiple joys.

Louise DeLuca 


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