Cashing In on Credit Cards
Cashing In on Credit Cards
Scott A. Wheeler, RT(R)(MR)(CT)
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Economically, times are tougher today. The family budget is tighter. This book in your hands will show you how to make some extra money throughout the year. This cash can fill in your budgetary shortfalls. This is a how-to book about making money off credit card companies. In this book, a step-by-step instruction is given about how to make money by paying your monthly expenses with your credit card. In this book, you will learn what a sign-up bonus is—how to earn and redeem a sign-up bonus. You will also learn about cash-back bonuses, how they work, and how to redeem the cash-back bonus. After reading this book, you will be able to transfer a balance between credit cards without paying that nasty 3 percent to 5 percent balance transfer fee. Also, you will learn to avoid paying interest charges. Paying interest and balance transfer fees are detrimental to your financial health. The chapters are set in a story format to make learning easier and more enjoyable. You will meet Ralph and Susan as they learn to cash in sign-up bonuses for some extra cash. You will see how Granny pays for Christmas with the credit card company’s money. Christy will show you how she buys new shoes by just paying her bills. Plus you will meet several other characters in other situations and circumstances. This book will teach you how to do the same things and more. Now it is your turn to earn some extra cash! It is time for cashing in on credit cards! Make money by paying your bills!
David had earned $1,100.00 by using his credit card to pay for his business expenses. 1. $150.00 sign-up bonus from credit card 2. $75.00 5% cash back bonus from credit card 3. $100.00 from opening a checking account 4. $100.00 from opening a savings account 5. $25.00 interest from $5,000.00 6. $50.00 retention bonus from credit card 7. $600.00 1% cash back bonus from credit card A couple of months later, David had gotten a new idea on how to make more money from credit cards. We will see David again in chapter 12.............. Through her intellect, Diane saved $1,493.75. The original cost of the braces was $3,400.00. Because she paid cash instead of financing, the cost of the braces was reduced by $200.00. The next savings came from the credit card Diane used once, and then she canceled. This credit card company contributed $150.00 to the braces. The big bonus came from the first credit card, Diane had used for eighteen months. This amounted to $943.75. The last credit card added a $200.00 savings to the cost of the braces. Starting Cost $3,400.00 Cash Discount -$200.00 Sign-up Bonus -$150.00 First Credit Card -$943.75 Last Credit Card -$200.00 Total Cost $1,906.25 Diane only paid $1,906.25 for something that cost $3,400.00. Wasn’t she shrewd?............. David earned $7,232.00 off of the credit card company’s money! Instead of paying his bills with his checking account and his debit card, he used his credit card. He then either carried a balance with 0.0% financing, or he paid off the credit card balance entirely. He never paid an annual fee. He never paid a transfer fee. He never paid any interest. The credit card company made money off of the merchants. David made money off of the credit card. Both parties in this agreement made money. Both parties made money by moving money around. That is easy money............ Christy earned $160.00 using her credit card to pay for her college expenses. Her Dad is impressed. Dad is not the easiest man to please. Christy is very proud of herself. Christy repeats this scenario every semester. She receives a new credit card with a bonus after making so much in purchases. One semester Christy received a $300.00 bonus! Her Dad now takes advantage of these offers.
Scott Wheeler is also the author of "Here Till the End." He lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, with his wife, Regina. They have three boys. Their names are Luke, Joshua, and Jacob.


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