The Paths That Lie Ahead
The Paths That Lie Ahead
Perfect Bound Softcover
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ABOUT THE BOOK: Have you ever met a person that was faced with many difficult challenges in life, but still made it? If you haven’t, allow me to introduce you to “Milton Lusser”. Milton is from a single parent home in a housing project where drug dealing is the norm and a way of life; he was kicked out of school for his retaliation to a racial slur and almost didn’t graduate; his father who he has never met or seen before just pops up one day out of the blue wanting to play daddy; and he’s easily influence when it comes to making important decisions. He leaves his home in Knoxville, TN to pursue a new life and a four year Business degree from the College of Alaska in Fairbanks, AK. After a couple of years of being there he was introduced to much, much more outside of his degree then one would expect. Through his determination to fit in and be apart of the in crowd he changed his name, character, personality, and persona. Ultimately transforming himself into something he wasn’t; a “Hustler”. By DESTINY he experiences a lavish and successful lifestyle. He lived the life that struggling and up in-coming drug dealers can only dream of, but just like in every illegal business something always goes wrong (Snitches). In “Money, Power, and Betrayal” you will see how grimy the dope game can get from a first hand viewpoint, and how quick so called friends and love ones will turn on you. You will also get the chance to follow Milton as he chooses “The Paths that Lie Ahead” for his life.
“Son life is full of choices, and there will be many different paths that will come in a person’s life that one must make a choice about, and that includes you. Some people will make good decisions while others will make bad ones. I want you to know that there are always consequences with every decision that you make good or bad. Son, whatever you do, I want you to choose the right path for your life, whatever it is you decide to do in life make good decisions?”
Melvin T. Luster, JR., was born October 30, 1975, and was brought up in Knoxville, TN where he currently resides. He graduated from Knox Central in 1994 and went straight into the U.S Army where he served two years. He’s a huge Tennessee Volunteer fan and every year he says, “Tennessee will win the National Title”. He’s currently serving a ten year probation sentence for selling drugs, but has worked very diligently to change his lifestyle. He’s not only a man of many words, but he’s also believes that an action should always follow our words. He wrote “The Paths that Lie Ahead” for three reasons: #1- Hoping to inspire someone who has given up; #2- To show that every decision we make in life (good or bad) will always have a consequence; and #3- To show that we shouldn’t let our surroundings determine our destiny. Melvin’s mother is still alive, but his father past away in 2009. He has three beautiful sisters and is the proud father of eight children whom he loves very much. Their names are Mehki, Shara, Theandre, Dashanae, Briana, Jair, Angel, Nassiah, and Melvin III. He wants them to know that outside of Jesus Christ he couldn’t do anything without them.
I love it! It was a great story
Natashia Jones 
This is a real ass story and I loved it!!!
Lala Carter 
Bought it @book signing and loved it
Lorinda Pryor 
Looking at the cover you wouldn't think its about what its about. I enjoyed reading the roller coaster ride it took me on!
Angie Jones 


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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