UFO: Angels and the Mayan Calendar
UFO: Angels and the Mayan Calendar
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The Book of Revelation tells of angels who fall from their heavenly estates. The Mayan calendar foretells the fall to some two hundred thousand years ago. The discord that followed sent repercussions to earth, arriving about nine thousand years ago when the first generation of the human race—Israel—emerged. By 4500 BC, an Agenda of a Snake from the fallen angels began to breed the biblical lines of Cain and Seth. Soon, the third generation emerged, and the conditions man calls good and evil began proliferating on the earth. Man’s spirit commenced through the spirit of the angel Michael, but today it remains trapped within the human mind. Six thousand years ago, the angels Michael, Ra, Viracocha, and Ra Agenda came to earth to free man's spirit by attempting to prevent the creation of the human race. Unsuccessful, they left earth, bequeathing the Mayan calendar, which contains information about the five Ages, to the Mayan people. The Ra Agenda reemerged by 1948 as the mysterious UFO that defied the laws of reality. They have come to secretly assist mankind through the approaching shift in human consciousness scheduled to occur in the fifth Mayan Age of Aquarius in the year 2040.
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By age eleven, Gerardo experienced two UFO encounters that changed his mind forever. As an adult, he connected them to information he professes was implanted in his subconscious by angels from outer space. Through self-hypnosis, he solves the mystery of the UFO and the Mayan calendar buried deep within his subconscious.


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