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“Rendezvous with the Invisibles” book is about a real meeting of authors with aliens. They came from a distant planet in other dimension. As their body is made up of matter, which belongs to another dimension, so they remain invisible for our physical world. Only those can see them, whose third eye is opened. Aliens can materialize. The authors came into contact with aliens, who told stories about life on their planet and purpose of their visit to the Earth. Aliens’ perception of our world is rather interesting. Readers will know their point of view regarding people and their behavior. Different worlds – different ideas about life, so to achieve mutual understanding between one reasonable beings and the other, one should find common concepts. Reader can find there how they love and reproduce, what they eat and what hurts them, about their telepathical ability, extraordinary speedy way of reading and unusual treatment of a channeler. Reader will know how aliens have acquainted the authors with lunar inhabitants and many others. Reveal much new about life of reasonable beings from other world together with the authors and meet aliens!
“Rendezvous with the Invisibles” book is a documentary story about meeting of the authors with aliens. It is not out of the common fact now to meet representatives from other civilizations; millions of people on the Earth came into contact with them directly or circumstantially. This book is about one of such amazing meetings, which lasted for about 3 months. The Strelnikovs established with aliens unusually friendly relations. The story begins when aliens hear a beautiful synthesizer music coming from one of the apartments in a multi-storey building. The Strelnikovs’ daughter Larisa was playing. It is the music echoed in their hearts and the girl made them stay in this family. These aliens belong to another dimension, that is why remain invisible for earthly dwellers. One can see them only with the third eye. There was a friend clairvoyant near the daughter, who began talks with them. Acquaintance took place. Diner with aliens was the most funny. Do you want to know what they eat and whether they have a stomach, so read this book. And how amazing was their perception of human life, different things at home. They told about their distant planet, how they live there, love, reproduce children. And it is the other way round how they do it in comparison with people, because it turned out that aliens were the samesex. They told about their interests, showed how they could, without even opening, read instantaneously a thick book, which the man would read for a month. They have an expeditious method of learning new information. They can freely go through walls, do strange operations to cure people. In Space aliens communicate not only with earth dwellers, but also with lunar inhabitants, who live in the same dimension as they do. Aliens brought Larisa to the Moon, acquainted her with their lunar friends. Then there was a reciprocal visit – lunarmen went to the Strelnokov family and gave an exclusive interview. Thanks to communication of different planets, wonderful events happen. Their way of life and behavior are compared. Unlike the man, aliens conduct another way of life and sure don’t eat human food. Everything differs, but they have much in common. It will be interesting for a reader to know the differences between their world and ours, who are lunarmen and why we shouldn’t be afraid of them. Pathetic relationships were established between three aliens and three earthly dwellers. Aliens did not refuse to go to the cinema and to see how people entertain themselves. They were indignant with rude behavior of some individuals. Unlike the human aliens live some hundreds years and you can find out there why you live such a short life in comparison with theirs. Reader will get to know about ways of their movement on their planet and on our Earth, about ability to materialize and that there can be aliens from intelligence. As it turned out they do not know what the microbe is and are surprised why people are ill because of such a small essence. However aliens are not afraid of them and reader will know why. There are real photographies in the book of strange ships, which hang over researchers, when they were investigating the place of their landing. You can see also shining essences, who are in other dimension, that is why simple camera lens made shots as luminous clouds and balls of different forms. All the narration is presented in easy, fascinating form of common communication. Funny moments of mutual misunderstanding won’t leave reader indifferent. The book is about soul-stirring feelings of sympathy between the man and the aliens. If you have a chance to read it you are lucky as you will know many miraculous, but at the same time real, things. Have a nice time while reading! Let this book warm your souls with a cordial plot.
Larisa Seklitova and Ludmila Strelnikova are the authors whose key occupation channelings with Higher Cosmic Entities and God let them write series of books called “Beyond the Bounds of Unknown” which this book belongs to. Larisa revealed abilities to receive cosmic information and with her mother got channel of the highest level. God dictated her texts of Divine Laws for the first time transmitted to Earth.


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