A Stranger’s Broken Language
A Stranger’s Broken Language
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Writing poem is most attractive behavior to me. The reason is purification of my soul and pursuing essential thing. So poetic language remains a lot of imageries, metaphors and symbols. Still, I have an obligation that I have to remain my writing to my descendants. This is the first reason to write these poems, because I am a stranger who doesn’t know well dominant language, English. And as a stranger, I have a desire to send what my emotions, struggles and experiences are as a first generation. Secondly, I want to send my devotional emotions from in my being and nature. So my poems express some spiritual struggles and devotions as a hidden form like metaphor, symbol and story. Thirdly, my style of poem is narrative or story. This makes me uncomfortable, because I have tried to express with some hidden form of language from my nature and spiritual sight than phenomenon. So I have a prayer to recognize what the universal language which would be human's nature to send inner voices is. Thanks to all my readers!
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Young Jun Kim was born in Seoul Korea in 1958, the after five years of truce in Korean War. His experience of childhood was so poor as the other Korean at those times and this experience became the author’s background colors to understand humanity. Those school days of author’s elementary, middle and high were tremendous memories, unique experience, and he was just a simple and normal student. However his experience at the Korean Army was a great opportunity to understand about reality and diversity to form his world view. Those stories may be published in a future. When he was a college student, he studied the major on architecture. But his hinge point to be a minister was from his Divine calling at his junior days. Even he knows his way to go, due to Divine calling, he studied more at a graduate school with a major urban design. When the author felt to study more in America, he came to small town of Deep South, Erskine Theological Seminary, which located in Due West of South Carolina. n this school, he learned a lot of treasured things like the relationship with professors and friends, tradition, pietism, southern culture a little and theology. At the last, the author finished his degrees with M. div, MATS, MATS, and Doctor of Ministry. Now, the author involves several vocational works; teaching as an associate professor at Georgia Christian University, ministering as a senior pastor at Atlanta Saints Presbyterian Church, a columnist of Korean South East News and Atlanta daily News, and a hospice chaplain at MeSun. Even the author feels a shame to do such a many vocational works to compare his ability, but the author often says God wants to his profit from him, due to God’s investment to him. This book is an expression of lost mind as a stranger, spiritual thirsty, and eschatological hope. When the author tries to write a poetry book, it made the author feel guilty, because he didn’t much know about language, especially English. So he would like to say himself as a folly and naïve stranger. The author wrote two Korean books, An Essayistic Spiritual Journal of a naïve Stranger (2008) and Overlook with Church (2007). People call him as a rich man, because he has four children (Lee-Lye, EeSl, Isaac, Isaiah) and his lovingly wife Mee Sook Kim. And now the author remains walking in His foot prints.


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