Through The Barracks Window
Through The Barracks Window
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Fallon Bentley's life outside the fence seemed perfect and was often envied. Yet her journey was like walking through a garden of china roses, fearing every step. Her family, her friends, her soul, the future lay in the balance. How would she survive? Fallon had a choice - conquer her cancer or the government. Her decision: BOTH! Those who said, she would never win these battles, had never walked a step in her shoes. Her determination - Endless. Her mind echoed a story, a continuous maze of moments set in time, building a stairway to a destiny…a future…unknown. Her new found voice of wisdom and an angelic spiritual connection removed the word "No" from her vocabulary forever. Yet with her new found wisdom and spiritual connection, would the growing mystery in her life be revealed?
“I can’t do this! Please let me up! Please!” She screamed with horror. She feared the procedures that her body was about to undergo. “Please Stop!” Brilliant flashes of light blinded her as she tried helplessly to fixate on the turmoil that filled the room. Endless touches of unknown hands, positioned her to sit onto the hardness of a cold steel table. As if she were part of a sick sadistic form of bondage, her arms were bound with a sheet. Slowly she was helped to lean back onto the sheet and table to become her own restraint. Her breathing-labored as the utterances and commotion intensified as the silhouettes in the glow of the lights grew closer. “Are we ready to begin?” a distinguished voice, questioned. “You should feel extremely privileged Petty Officer…this surgical unit is the one we use for the President of the Unites States.” Maybe another day and place, this would have made her happy, but this comment did not comfort her at all. “Please! Put me to sleep! Give me something!” Though muffled by a cloth surgical mask, she somehow understood the deep voice that answered her cries. “Relax ma’am, I am going to give you a local, just a little something to take the edge off. As far as we know, this medication won’t hurt the baby. I’m sorry that we can’t put you under, it’s too dangerous.” Finally someone was listening, they knew she was frightened with what was about to take place. Following an increased coolness into her left arm, she could feel the tenseness, throughout her body, slowly subsiding. Whatever the drug was, it worked quickly. Images became rather blurry, but she never revealed its effect. She knew she needed more. “It isn’t working! Please stop!” knowing perfectly well that it was working, just not enough to put her to sleep and relieve her fears and concerns. Again, another short burst of coolness danced into her wanting veins. Still never revealing its effect, she pleaded for more. “We must begin the procedure,” ordered the surgeon. She lay there unable to avoid the prick of the needle as it entered the tissue framed by her right collar bone. As the needle was pushed deeper, warm bursts followed by sharp stings radiated across her shoulders and up into her neck. The constant pain was nothing she had ever felt before, until the event that shortly followed the procedure. “Nurse, how is the monitor on the Petty Officer’s baby looking? Any distress or change in the heart rhythm?” “All is reading normal at this time Sir.” As the deep voice spoke into her left ear to keep her attention, a startling, intense, and overwhelming pain ripped through her body. She shrieked in intense horror, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME! STOP…STOP…STOP!”
Stacey Bolin, member of the Maryland Writers Association, has had her poetry, artwork, crime prevention programs, and photography published. She writes in several genres. Presently polishing her family dossier, In Her Words – The Sorrow behind Grandma's Smile, is a true-life diary on the effects of hidden domestic violence, in the 1980’s.
WOW! I know that we're going to see many more great writings from this author. Then To find out this is a 100% true story written in the 3rd person so she could cope with the bad that happened to her, she deserves a rating of a 10 not a 5. This book is worth the money and worth the read!! I totally connected with her on every page. I felt I was on her journey with her. What a powerful and expressive woman! She now has a blog page too, and that writing is just as powerful. Just type her name in a search engine and you'll find her blog called "Mom wants to be a writer".
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