A Parent’s Guide to a Peaceful Home
A Parent’s Guide to a Peaceful Home
Transformation Begins at Home
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Parents serve as their children’s first teachers. What they learn at home helps them build on their learning and education at school. In A Parent’s Guide to a Peaceful Home, author Patricia Braxton provides a guide to helping parents manage their home in a peaceful, loving way in order to ensure success for their children at home and at school. This handbook presents Braxton’s TAD (Toward Affective Development) model, which gives practical advice to help parents teach their children responsibility, respect, discipline, and other positive character traits. It also teaches parents how to relate to each other properly and how to affect change from within. Through TAD, Braxton works to change the face of families in a positive way. The steps detailed in A Parent’s Guide to a Peaceful Home can facilitate an atmosphere where love, compassion, respect, and other virtues are taught by example and reinforced to produce a lasting, peaceful home.
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Patricia Braxton earned a BS in elementary education from Southern Illinois University and earned credits toward a master’s degree. Now retired and living in Virginia, she taught elementary school for more than forty years and continues to substitute teach in the Richmond (Virginia) City Public Schools. She has also been a teacher trainer around the country.


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