SUCCESS Is An Attitude
SUCCESS Is An Attitude
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Uncover the power within you and start achieving your goals. It’s as simple as changing your attitude and outlook about life. Known as “Mr. Motivator” to his students, friends, and family, Dwight Jeffery has spent his career helping others meet objectives they previously thought could not be met. He’s found that changing your attitude, self-image, and outlook can lead to a dramatically improved life. In this inspirational guidebook, you’ll discover formulas to deal with obstacles, strategies to deal with setbacks, tools that will help you win, and exercises to help you boost your self-image. Success isn’t just about your title or salary; it’s also about discovering the real you and realizing your potential to be the best that you can be while developing a positive attitude and helping others. With the strategies and insights in Success Is an Attitude, you’ll develop a vision, set your goals, and then achieve them.
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Dwight Jeffery is a former civil engineer, sales executive, counselor, and educator. He performs as a stand-up comedian and motivational speaker. Making people laugh and giving inspirational talks is what he enjoys the most. He lives in Dallas with his wife, Katheryn, and their two daughters, Angelina and Ginger.
This book is a very powerful motivational tool and it is destined to inspire others as much as it inspired me. This book brings to the surface an individuals need and suppressed desire to be all that we can be.
Loyce Bullock 
great book,I would recommend this book to anyone who needs movitation.
royce jeffery 
Awesome book and Awesome author
Bonia Hall 
Great book---If the Dream is big enough, the facts don't count---It's Attitude morning, noon and night.
J R Williams, MD 
I've known Dwight for a number of years. This book was born out of his personal experiences and I am exceptionally proud of him. He persevered and his time has come. He is a great person and a wonderful friend.Best Wishes to you!
Beverly Madison 
How awesome it is to have this wonderful book encouraging us to overcome obstacles to meet our goals and to realize the "real" definition of success.
Joyce Spencer 
Simple but thought provoking. The book gives you food for thought and the tools you need to activate the knowledge that is shared. A must read for the young and old.
LaDarien Spencer 
Excellent Read
Poyntell Johnson 
This book is truly inspiring and motivational. The lessons that I learned from reading this awesome book can be used in all aspects of my life. I recommend this book to everyone.
Katheryn Jeffery 
This book is great. Dwight is the real deal. His book my be a bit short but it is packed with tons of great stuff. He is honest and tells it like it is. There is no fluff in this book at all. I know Dwight personally after meeting him at Toastmasters meeting. He signed the book for me too! Definately recommended reading.
Bonnie Hessler 
This book is life changing on so many levels. It is broad in lessons but personal in teachings. I recommend "Success Is An Attitude" to anyone striving to be the best at their best.
Thomas Gray 
Success is an Attitude is an wake up call to those faced with society everyday. The book informs how to improve your attitude of handle those many attitudes we experience each day. Thanks Mr. Dwight Jeffery for putting this kind of informative work on the market.
Saundra Turner 
GOD has BLESSED Dwight with the Ability to motivate the world!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!! If you want to become a better person, I highly recommend this book!!! It will change your life!!! Don't sit around being down, let Dwight lift you up, WITH HIS STUFF!!!!! ATTITUTE IS EVERYTHING!!!! MAKE THAT CHANGE!!!!
Michael Williams 
“Success is an Attitude” was a inspiring and easy to read book. I found it filled with a lot of up lifting motivational information and examples. Much of that information can be used daily to keep your spirits high and attitude soaring. I have and would recommend this book to friends and acquaintances.
Steven Williams 
Oh, how great is the book "Success is an Attitude," don't just read half of the book, read it all, if you want to be successful. It is the greatest! It's life-changing! It's awesome! And how do I know? Because it changed my life.
Alice Walker 
Read this book!!! This book is an inspiration to my sons and they reread this book when they are in need of some motivation. It uplifted my spirits and helps me refocus on my goals.
Takecia Evans 
This book is an eye opening experience,it opens your eyes to everything you can't see or imagine that is holding you back from your destiny.
Willie Bell 


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