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Jacky is beautiful Red Head. She is built the way guys dream about. An Ex Commando sergeant. Jacky is unbeatable in hand to hand combat, which she proves many times. Against rapists, thieves, kidnappers and Traitors. She is teamed up with three young guys. The four of them become national heroes in four different countries. They operate off of a ninety foot schooner owned and commanded by a Three Star Admiral. They came aboard to perform a mission. They sail to Beaver Island, Find a missing plane, which has evidence of WWII Traitors .Tour salt mine under Detroit ,then locate a lead mine In Chicago while riding a sea sled. Jacky is requested by Scotland Yard, to find, four kidnapped girls. Daughters of members of Parliament. Jacky catches an eighteen pound Muskie. Mario smokes it I RA Tries to kidnap Irish Ambassadors daughter. Head back to Chicago. Jacky has great operatic voice. Sings with Beautiful Irish Ambassador. Arrive in Chicago as great heroes Jacky is an Angel. The Clerk of Cook County, Richard J. Daley throws a great party for Jacky. It’s all described much better inside. READ the BOOK

Ed then turned to Jeff and said, “I want to formally introduce you to Arch. Arch is the guy that is responsible for the new and different Foley’s Restaurant. We now welcome everybody.” “Six months ago Arch punched me in the mouth then he punched me in the gut. He’s got a mean punch. He could probably hold his own with you Jeff. “I don’t know about that Boss, but let’s not find out.” “Then after all this punching, he made me eat a plate full of scrambled eggs laced with cayenne pepper. Jeff asked Ed, “Why would he do that to a nice guy like you?” “Jeff, I wasn’t always so nice. Arch and his friend came in for breakfast. Arch’s friend was black. I told him the Nigger could not eat here. He punched me in the mouth. I said the Nigger could eat out back. He punched me in the gut.” Jeff said, “Boss, I think you got what you deserved.”

Eric asked Jamal what they planned for Janice and Wendy. “We will do to them the same as the other girls, except they will die more slowly. Now as you know, you must release us because of out Diplomatic Immunity. And now as you promised, when we answered all your questions, you said you would release us.” “Jamal and Asheed, I have a secret. “I lied.” Sorry guys, but I’m really a no good liar. The court is now adjourned and you are both bound guilty as Hell and when your father finds out what perverts you are, because of the shame, he will have to disown you. You will never go to paradise,” “Now girls, I hope you remember that Jamal said that they would make you die slowly. I think they wanted to make you suffer even more than the other girls that they tortured, raped and killed. Now, anything you do to them is much less than they deserve. Are your razor knives sharp?”

She was at about a thirty five foot depth. They turned to go to the next leg of the grid. That’s when she saw it. With quick thinking, she immediately dropped a marker buoy. She couldn’t quite make it out, but it looked like a plane. She slowly pulled back on the control rod and went smoothly to the surface. When she got to the surface and was reeled into the boat, she unlatched her harness and Bill lifted her tank, then she climbed aboard. Everyone was asking why she dropped the marker buoy. Linda said, “I think I found an airplane.”

Doc (Admiral Hunter) came out on the dock and explained the situation to the marines. Doc sent a Marine and a Sailor down to look at the plane. “The bullet holes on the cabin top were put there by your fearless leader General Griffith and the man piloting the plane that shot down this plane was Admiral Gordon. Doc explained how five men worked with hijackers to make them selves rich. “The reason they shot this plane down is because inside of it is the whistle blower of their whole evil scheme. They made millions for them selves and cost the lives of well over three hundred American Sailors and we don’t know how many Merchant Marine. Ayour General was the leader of this evil group. The evidence to convict and hang them is in a case inside of that plane.

They showed to Griffith, Gordon hanging over the pit of stinking fish guts. Griffith threw up. Then they asked him if he would confess in front of his men. He told them to go to Hell. Art and the Chief rigged Griffith up the same as Gordon. They were on the hook and facing each other. They raised them up and Griffith said, “You can’t do this. I’m a United States Marine Major General.” They Art said “I was only a Brigadier General, but I was a real one and you ain’t one anymore and he ripped off his stars.

One of the club members stood up and said, “I’m Justice Stanley M. Hitzman of the Court of Appeals of Cook County. I’m familiar with this case and the Judge that presided in the case.” “He is a good Judge and justice has been served, so you should not interfere with his ruling.” “First of all Judge Stanley M. Hitzman, I have a couple of things to say to you. First, never tell me what I can or can’t do. You may be a cook county Judge, but I’m the Clerk of Cook County, so I don’t take any crap from a Judge. I’m also a lawyer and a good one, so stay out of my way. Just so you remember, the name is “Richard J. Daley”. If you put it in your notes, make sure you spell it right.

Jacky invited them to come to her. They thought it was going to be fun. She kicked the shit out of the first one. He was on the ground groaning. Number two was mad. Number one was his brother. He came at her with a knife. Jacky took the knife away from him, closed it and put it in her pocket, saying, “I don’t need a knife to handle shit heads like you.” That made him mad a hell. He called her a Lousy Bitch. She said he had a dirty mouth and she was going to shut him up. That’s when she dislocated his jaw and kicked him in the nuts like his brother. Now number three came at her waving a big switchblade knife, saying, “You ain’t going to grab this knife, you Bitch.” That’s when she kicked and broke his wrist. She caught the flying knife and put it in her other pocket. He still tried to grab her with his unbroken hand. She warded off his hand and quick as a flash, kicked him in the nuts. She said, “Now stay down.” That ended the three Serial Rapists.

Ed Iversen has done many things in eighty years. In the Army in Korea, rode motorcycles, enjoyed Scuba diving and flying. Rebuilt, sailed and sunk, seventy three foot Schooner. Built 43 foot steel Ketch. Went into Mold business. Retired. Makes metal sculptures, large and small. Finally wrote a pretty good and interesting book. This is his first book, but not the last.


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