Welcome To My World
Welcome To My World
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Unlike my first four poetry books, this is my autobiography written for all those who wish to better understand mental illnesses. Once I began compiling this book I could feel the release of all my built up pressure and anxiety. This has truly helped me understand myself and even more importantly has enlightened me. My odyssey began as a young woman and has shaped me into who I am today. I hope you enjoy my sketches as this is first time that I have included them in one of my books. Once again it’s been my pleasure. Enjoy!
The words came slowly to me and I wondered how I had gotten along all those years without a glance backwards only forward. It had been a struggle but one that had to be taken in order to be where I am today. There are no regrets, only sorrow lingers for the lost days and nights. How I coped I have no idea or clue. It was like I was a robot doing what was necessary to survive the hellish regime. I was so tired, I just wanted to crawl back into my bed every morning but my dearest friend was waiting for me at the coffee shop. She was my pillar that I leaned on for guidance and support for so many years. She was my rock, my island. I could not have done it without her and my husband. They were my anchors and mentors.
M. J. Huberhave successfully held a job for most of her adult life until the work she was doing was relocated outside the province. So she is out of work at the moment and doing what she like to do best - which is taking care of her better half and her three felines. She is now ready to give her audience an insight “into the world” of someone with a mental health disorder. So here goes nothing and everything. This is her fifth book.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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