From the Other Side
From the Other Side
Pourings from the Mind of a Bartender
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While most people are just starting their days, bartenders are sleeping off a night of shots, fights, and laughs in preparation for yet another evening of mayhem. As darkness falls once again, they stand behind the bar, create cocktails on demand, and bravely face the next unpredictable ten hours. In From the Other Side, seasoned mixologist Trixie Tamerlane provides an entertaining glimpse into the mind of a woman who has made her living interacting with a diverse group of patrons from behind the bar. While providing insight into the importance of tipping, patience, and manners, Tamerlane also shares amusing anecdotes about the drama that plays out both behind and in front of the bar. From the patron who buys shots for all the ladies and grabs the deejay’s microphone to talk about his supposed wealth to the creepers who stalk female bartenders and beg for companionship, Tamerlane covers it all with a brutally honest perspective only an experienced bartender can provide. From the Other Side shares valuable advice for anyone who has ever sent back a drink, complained about the price of a martini, or planted themselves on a bar stool with the hopes of meeting their future spouse.
Chapters include thoughts on subjects such as "Cougars vs. Kittens", "The Evolution of Promiscuity", and "Intoxicology 101"...
Trixie Tamerlane has been a bartender for over a decade. She currently lives in Maryland, with her boyfriend, their sons, and their hyperactive dogs. This is her first book.


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