The Mythical Life of Jesus
The Mythical Life of Jesus
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Based on the writings of Dr. Alvin Boyd Kuhn, The Mythical Life of Jesus Christ provides an interpretation of the Bible that shows the full, clear, and hidden meaning of ancient mythology and religion. It describes how the Bible is not a record of objective historical occurrences, but rather a collection of allegorical, mythical, dramatic, and symbolic sagas. Author Larry Marshall has compiled the writings of Dr. Alvin Boyd Kuhn, a lecturer, teacher, and scholar. Kuhn claims the roots of Christianity can be found in the Egyptian religion. Through his writings, Kuhn shows there is no historical evidence for Jesus—that his life is instead based on the Egyptian god Horus. He further claims that the New Testament of the Bible and its events—the virgin birth, the baptism, the temptations, the crucifixion, and resurrection—should be interpreted allegorically. Marshall believes Kuhn has unlocked the essence of Christianity and, as a result, challenges the church’s fraudulent orthodoxy.
True Christianity, the religion of the Christos, is far older than the Christian Church....The first thesis is that Christianity took the human Jesus and made him to be very God; the second is that it took the Hellenic spiritual Christos and personified it into a human being, Jesus. A third solution is that the spiritual non human Christos could have been humanized even if there had been no living figure of Jesus. The absence of authentic historical evidence of Jesus’ existence argues strongly for this third suggestion. It was felt that the abstract Christ was too remote; that the essence of tis divine saving principle should be personalized. Most of the evidence seems to point to the humanizing of the divine, rather than the reverse.
Larry Marshall earned a BA and an MDiv in theology from the University of Toronto. As an ordained member of the clergy, he has extensively studied Christianity and mythology. Marshall is a wedding and funeral chaplain. He and his wife, Lynda, have three children and live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
The fact that one say the life of Jesus is Myth.should explain the power that one feels when they call upon his name. for I have witness unexplainable happinings in my day, that only Jesus could have had his hands in. and this is not myth, oh how you will believe on the day when that dealth angle hands are around your heart and you know it's your time to enter into eternity, where wii you spend it at. There is no second chance, because you had a life and a choice, you thought you would get rich with all the controversy,by having something negative to write about knowing people would respond.
wanda johnson 


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