Raising My Voice
Raising My Voice
The Inside Edition of Poetry
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Revealing the ups and downs of life’s journey and experiences, author Melinda E. Feliciano presents a poetry collection that summarizes her story and how she has dealt with the drama in her past.

Through this introspection, Feliciano explores the range of emotions one experiences in personal matters and relationships while maturing from childhood through adolescence to adulthood. In “Who Am I,” she reflects on her past, present, and future. / Who am I as a person / Who really knows me / Even those who known me for a long time / Still wonder who I really am / I could be the good girl / Or I could be the bad girl / Who am I really / No one would ever / know / My life had its up and down / Being me hasn’t been easy / Who am I now / Nothing comes breezy / Life takes drastic turns / You wonder where it’ll take you / Who will believe in me anyway / Then who am I today /

Raising My Voice delves into Feliciano’s inner self and serves as fodder for others to consider who they have been and what they have become.

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Melinda Feliciano was born in Salem, Massachusetts, and grew up in Boston. Now thirty years old, she has been living in Dorchester for twenty years. Feliciano decided to become a writer while attending junior high school.


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