The Outer Edge
The Outer Edge
Our Origins: From Dust to Us
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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We were created on the outer edge of the universe, and powerful ancients continue to watch us from that home far away. The ancients use 100% of their brains, which enables them to perform fantastic feats no earthly creature could imagine. Many years ago, these ancient beings altered the human DNA, removing our capability to use 100% of our brains, therefore keeping us forever beneath their reign and keeping them forever safe from human attack. Despite the lessened use of our brains, the human race has developed high-tech radar devices that travel into space, searching for intelligent life. The ancients have become aware of this technology; they are now concerned that humans have advanced enough to bring war. In an effort to avoid the inevitable, the ancients are coming to Earth to destroy the human race. Extermination is eminent, until Earth connects with its “sister planet.” Together, the humans must fight back against this ancient power that seeks to destroy. The Outer Edge is not merely science fiction; it is an authoritative vision of our living universe. These fictional tribulations have direct and irrefutable links to science. And so the question remains: is science fiction truly fiction at all, or does it peer into the depths of fact and foreshadow devastation yet to come? Decipher the true riddles of the universe with The Outer Edge.These riddles include the science based posits on how the afterlife and prayer are indeed true. We also answer how the psychics, mediums and all the paranormal work through science. ForeWord Clarion Review FICTION The Outer Edge: Our Origins From Dust to Us William N. Ellis III (The Messenger) Trafford Publishing 978-1-4269-4204-4 Three Stars (out of Five) “Where do we come from?” is perhaps the most popular existential question. Over the years, there have been numerous possible answers: the Big Bang, divine creation over seven days, adaption from single-celled organisms. Ultimately, the answer to the question is not necessarily about where we came from, but why we are here. William N. Ellis III’s latest book, The Outer Edge, explores a theory that seeks to answer both. Jampa and Pammy are siblings from the Outer Edge, the perimeter of the universe. As young members of the Ancient Good, they protect the unified grid from beings like Riverway, a member of the Ancient Evil. The outcome of the battle leads Ancient Good to journey to a blue planet called Earth. There, the story switches to Gene, a common salesman, living with his wife and family in Ohio. After a near accident in his home, Gene discovers he has an extraordinary gift and opportunity. Under the guidance of Pammy and eventually Jampa, Gene must defend Ancient Good against Ancient Evil in a great debate. The Outer Edge is a modern quantum mysticism parable, similar to works like What the BLEEP do we know?! It champions knowledge, compassion, and love as a way to work with and shape the universe. Ellis claims to have used automatic writing, in addition to having received ideas for the story as messages from the spirit realm (that’s why he’s the messenger, not the author). The result is clear, precise writing, particularly when it comes to crafting tense, powerful scenes. After Jampa makes a speech, Ellis writes, “The entire hall erupted in a frenzy of applause. From left to right to top to bottom, warriors slammed their palms together and parted their lips to cheer and whistle. Briefly, a tear trickled in Jampa’s eye, for the idea of living beings committed to lives of goodness never failed to move him.” Ellis commits a portion of the book to building up for a war, but after a skirmish between two characters the author goes straight to negotiating the treaty. The story does have very strong central characters. For instance, Riverway, his antagonist, is chilling and diabolical, yet strangely sympathetic after you learn why he is like he is. Although Ellis might rush his characters through plot points, he gives them clever, descriptive dialogue. In one scene, Pammy advises Gene, saying, “Battling against evil is like trying to floss using barbed wire.” The Outer Edge is fascinating. It’s the perfect work for introducing others to the concepts in quantum mysticism. Even if readers only comprehend The Outer Edge on a surface level, it’s an interesting tale of good versus evil with a sci-fi bent. While it might be slightly confusing to those unfamiliar with the ideas, it’s a thought-provoking answer to anyone who wonders how humankind got here. Katerie Prior
I write to tell you about an exciting new manuscript entitled “THE OUTER EDGE”, is this manuscript science fiction fantasy or prophecy with a multiplicity flavor of paranormal, philosophical spirituality, we were told that it is prophecy! The question haunts us in our wakening and sleeping hours, always beckoning us on account of the fact that it seems to be unanswerable, which came first , the chicken or the egg? The operative word is “seems”, for what if that ageless question could be answered? What if, all the paranormal, philosophical and spiritual questions that have perplexed human kind since the beginning of time could be answered? The manuscript that will follow, we will encounter more than just a fictional narrative we will encounter an authoritative vision of the living universe, one which encompasses compelling answers to humanity’s oldest questions. The most striking aspect of these answers will be they do not stem from the imagination they bear a direct irrefutable link to science. Indeed the scientific community is encouraged to pay particular attention to the content herein, for it stands to shake the very foundations of that community’s belief system. In the manuscript we will encounter a rich science fiction fantasy. For some may find the true answers to the Riddles of the Universe. We write to give answers to the paranormal and how all of the accounts of the supernatural world of ghosts, psychics, mediums and remote viewers. Random event generators are tied to the entanglement and or string theory of quantum physics. We invite you to come on this journey and we challenge all to examine this science fiction fantasy and prove or disprove it to a world of The Outer Edge. A significant part of understanding where we are now is understanding where we came from. Our existence here on earth and our current level of consciousness, have exceedingly deep and elusive points of origin, far in advance of commonly comprehended history. Life as we know it stems way back into an intensely murky and borderline incomprehensible ancient landscape. With this in mind, we shall start our trek at the very beginning at a strange, dark origin of living consciousness. The outer edge is where we came from, you will be introduced to a world of ancient beings that use 100% of their brains to the point they have full command of their aura to enable them to perform fantastic feats. Explore with us a thought machine of the ancient world verses ancient evil’s (hard machines). We were supposed to use all of our brain power but as we explain, these ancient beings altered our DNA to keep us from competing with them. Just as 2012 is fast approaching , this narrative gives us the tools to deal with these ancient beings that are on their way to our world. With the help of our “sister” planet we engage in a horrific war with them . Just as our ancient ancestors chose not to follow them, ancient evil counter parts have allowed the good on our planet to survive to help us fight them right up to current times. The trigger that starts them to come to our planet is caused by our ability to track them by radar, this tells them we are advanced enough that we could fight them. This manuscript came about in the form of being channeled thru automatic writing, so again we ask is this science fiction or prophecy? The Messenger
William N. Ellis III is a messenger. He believes the creator picks people as prophets, past and present, in an effort to improve the world’s understanding of a greater power. He has worked previously in marketing and public speaking and is now retired. He and his wife of forty-seven years have two daughters and four grandchildren.


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