The Redemption of Professor Evelyn
The Redemption of Professor Evelyn
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The Redemption of Professor EvelynThe Redemption of Professor Evelyn off ers both a discussion of the unseen spirit world and a parable of the supernatural as it affects one individual, Professor Horace Evelyn. Mankind, in all generations and cultures, has debated the existence of spirits and angelic beings. We’ve wondered if angels and demons actually are myth or reality.

A belief in evil spirits has always been inherent in the cultures of man. For example, the exterior facades of cathedrals built during medieval times incorporated gargoyles in their design in the belief that the ugly, grotesque features of their carved faces would scare away evil or unclean spirits. In contrast, angels are good spirits. Th e Creator endowed them with innate, independent life. They were given immortality. Spirits live forever, because they don’t have a body to wear down, sustain damage or injury, or die.

Enter Professor Horace Evelyn, who is being treated for severe schizophrenia. Professor Evelyn has not been able to fi nd a medical cure, but he soon realizes that he does not need a doctor—he needs an exorcist. His soul has become the site of a cataclysmic struggle between the forces of good and evil. Th is story is not about regaining his mental health; it’s about the salvation of his soul.
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Dominick Forte is a retired English teacher. Forte's journeyman career has consisted of experience as a newspaper editor, advertising executive, political activist, aide to a NYS Governor, candidate for public office, and educator. He and his wife reside in New York's lower Hudson Valley and have four sons and six grandchildren.


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