Called by The Spirit
Called by The Spirit
For Such A Time As Now
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Have you been running from God? Do you feel a need to call on Jesus Christ? Are you afraid to respond to that “inner voice”? In Called by the Spirit, author Trevor C. Belmosa shows it’s not too late to say yes to the Holy Spirit. In this collection of poems, prose, and prayers, Belmosa, shares his personal experiences with womanizing, drugs, racism, unemployment, adultery, divorce, salvation, blessings, baptism in the Holy Spirit, and service to God in ministry. He weaves life’s ups and downs into lessons showing how the inner voice taught him how to • stop running from God; • settle his mind on following Jesus Christ; • develop a prayer lifestyle based on faith in God’s word; • make a commitment to serve the Lord and his church; • share the word of God and the love of God with all. Called by the Spirit demonstrates how you can say yes to the Holy Spirit, who will teach you to manage your life’s twists and turns. Belmosa’s experiences offer ways to balance your natural and spiritual life and find peace within your soul.
“Brothers and Sisters, When I watched those airplanes crashed into the World Trade Center, as a former military man, I knew we were at war. But, sadly, I also felt that America, this great civilization, was on the verge of falling! When I saw the two twin towers fall, all the iron and brick crumbled like dust. I truly felt America was beginning to go the way as Egypt and Rome. So, I began to pray and asked God to reveal to me something so that I could prepare my mind, my body, and my spirit for this destruction that I saw unfolding before my eyes. Brothers and Sisters, when this attack on WTC took place, I was teaching 9, 10, and 11 year old children and they were scared. The adult teachers and staff were scared. But, I just began to explain that a war was on against our country and that we should think about what we will have to do come tomorrow. What would our lives be like tomorrow! What actions would America take tomorrow! Are we to prepare for war or do we act normal tomorrow? Who are these terrorists and where are they ? Then, recognizing the fear and uncertainty, I began to talk about the innocent lives that were lost and the many more that may die tomorrow. But, God is good, because the children asked me to pray and I gathered them into a corner and we prayed for the dead, we prayed for the living and we prayed for a safer tomorrow. I prayed for them and for all of us to get home safely and that none of our parents or relatives were at that site at that time of this deadly attack within America.” We were all surprised and we all needed hope.” That night, the Lord directed me to the book of Daniel chapter 4 verses 22, 23, 26 and 27. It stated the following: “…You have become great and strong; your greatness has grown until it reaches the sky, and your dominion extends to distant parts of the earth.” V.22 “… Chop down the tree and destroy it, but leave the stump and roots in the earth, bound with a band of iron and bronze …” v.23 “And inasmuch as they gave the command to leave the stump and roots, your kingdom shall be assured to you, after you come to know that Heaven rules.” v.26 “… It may be then your prosperity will continue.”v.27 This word from the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament reassured me that the American Civilization still had hope of arising out of the rapid decline that I initially and fearfully imagined. But, just as Daniel gave the King a warning about returning to God in order to prosper, so to I discerned that the political, economic, social and cultural leadership of the United States may have to “come to know that Heaven rules” in order that the country’s “prosperity will continue.” I prayed that the government would come to this knowledge and guide our nation safely through this damaging period. Individually, with this revelation, I began to seek a deeper relationship with God so that He could become the ruler of my life and that I would be assured of His promised blessings here on earth and in heaven. In fact, the lord answered one of my request faster than I expected. In October 2001, one month, after the destructive attack and the unnecessary lost of thousands of innocent lives, I received the promise of His Spirit in my heart. It all started when I was looking for a lamp for my night stand. One evening I was travelling on the bus on Malcolm X blvd. on Utica Avenue, in Brooklyn, a few blocks from my apartment when I saw a beautiful lamp stand. It was at a Church that sold use clothing and antique items. The seller wanted $10.00 for the item but I negotiated for $7.00 and I got it. The seller turned out to be the pastor. He asked me if I was a minister because he saw my leather case which held my Bible. I replied “no, just only a believer.” As I was about to leave, I saw an open Bible on a pulpit on the street among the clothes. It was opened on 1 Corinthians 14. I was surprised because I wanted to know more about tongues and how to receive it. After discussing this coincidence with him, he invited me into the church and poured oil on my head and laid hands on me and prayed for me. I had given him the permission because I had been asking God for this experience. I just cried as he prayed but nothing happened to me at that time. I took my night light and returned home in preparation for Friday night prayer at Christ the Rock International Church. Later that evening at church, as Pastor Jonathan was ministering, one of the male members, who had been doing repair work on the church, ran into the sanctuary frantically pleading for prayer. The Pastor encouraged us to pray as he laid hands on the member. The man fell to the floor under the anointing. At this time, the Pastor opened the floor for prayers and many people came forward and were falling out. I had had Pastor laid hands on me before and I never fell so I wasn’t going up but I was moved by the presence of God and I found myself on the line. As Pastor Jonathan touched me on my forehead, I fell to the floor. I was down for the first time in my life and I tried to get up because I felt a little embarrass but I couldn’t. I just surrendered and laid out flat. As I did that, I started to feel a heat sensation flowing up and down my body, inside of me, and tears were flowing from my eyes and my mouth quivered and my tongue was moving as I was speaking and I was seeing people and places even though my eyes were closed, as I was in the spirit realm. Then, I heard Pastor Jonathan told someone to leave him there for awhile. When I finally got up, there was no one in the church except for the pastor and a few ministers. I asked them what had happened and they told me that I was ‘drunk’ in the spirit and that I had spoken in tongues and that I was down for quite some time. They asked me to speak in this new language in order to confirm that it was true. I did. Then, they explained to me that it was not tongues that one should seek first but the baptism of the Holy Spirit first with the evidence of speaking in tongues. I heard what they said but I was in a state of amazement. I felt like a deep seated miraculous experience had taken place inside of me. It was so overpowering that I couldn’t stop it with my own strength or with my mind. I felt joyous, relieved and holy and in awe. I knew that something had happened to me beyond my control but it was godly and it was what I had been asking the lord to bless me with because I had read about it in the New Testament and I had heard Christian believers speak about it. And, now, my prayers had been answered. When I returned to my apartment, I made a joke about it when I saw my lamp stand. I said, ‘Today, I went looking for a light. I saw a light that I negotiated for $7.00 which I placed on my night table but tonight I got the ‘true’ light on the floor of the Church for free which God placed inside of me on the table of my heart.’ Thereafter, my life began to move more purposefully and my behavior seemed to be directed with a sense of meaning. I was no longer myself or seemed to be in control of myself. I just felt directed to absorb everything related to God. It seemed as though I was working with and for God and that I didn’t have much time to devote to the things I use to do. It seemed as though I was speeding or trying to not waste any more time because I had a lot to learn and to do for God and I had to move quickly.
Trevor C. Belmosa is a native of Trinidad and Tobago and serves as the pastor of the Glorious Church of Christ. He is pursuing a Ph.D. at the International Bible College and Seminary, Missouri. Belmosa also wrote The Soul of Pan and Freedom and Love. He lives in Orlando, Florida.


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